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Logistics control systems, process controls and security systems are our main competence. Berthold`s innovative, reliable solutions secure dispatch manipulations and processes worldwide and take care of sustainable cost reduction.

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Weighing technology

Our cost-efficient small weighing system

More and more companies record the weight of incoming and delivered products by themselves. For that, they use weigh brigdes of the standardization class III (accounting scales). An autark scales without any connection to a company system cannot provide so much utility. Therefore we have designed a cost efficient small weighing system for our customers, which is adaptable for the manipulation of economic goods with either a low value or business volume.

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A compact system for smaller goods movements

Whereas for larger good movements, complexe logistics solutions that include ERP systems (see logistics control system BLS) are used, you will find reduced systems commercially more reasonable for smaller goods movements. 

Developing a small weighing system, we have created an independent module that is costumized to our client’s specific needs without expensive logistics solutions. Of course, we make use of our knowledge with the lead product, BLS, however we pass on an Oracle enterprise data base and various configuration possibilities for financial reasons.

It stands to reason, that all entire basic weighing functions are available as well as reports which include all evaluations of vehicles, materials, customers and orders within this system. Further more, information can be transferred and exported from master or delivery data to Excel or Access. In spite of the simplicity and the low price, we have turned our attention to professional design and high stability of the product. As a difference to BLS, software for small weighing systems can be installed on already existing hardware of the customer as well.

User-friendly software

Base of our small weighing system is a software module, which services master data and runs various business cases in a menu-driven form. Simple installation routines make it possible to install the software package on an office-PC with average capacity for everybody. It is possible to connect several different weighing indicators or printers from different manufacturers, which are compatible with a Windows operating system.

Possible Extensions

A special benefit of this system is without a doubt its gradual expendabilities. That way, both barcode readers as well as RFID readers can be connected which are used as a standard for product or vehicle identification and communicate through USB or Ethernet. Moreover, it is possible to setup further user client stations for additional entries of conditions, quality or accurateness. Even the connection of simple local terminals that are equipped with a touch-screen, printer and identification unit is no problem for us. Using a video camera a self service system is practicable, which makes a 24-handling through customers and suppliers without additional personnel expenses possible.

Service and support

Of course we provide professional support and service for all users of our small weighing logistics.



BIOENERGIE STEYR GMBH: Biomass-logistic Ramingdorf

EVN erected in cooperation with Bioenergie Steyr a new KWK-Powerplant in Ramingdorf near Steyr. We delivered a metal constructed overground weighbridge for trucks with site-cabinets for entrance and exit station, traffic lights, cameras and our complete logistic control system for biomass products.



WKU: 3. Weighbridge Pfaffenau

Near by the garbage burning plant Pfaffenau a new garbage center was built. All incoming goods are routed through our existing logistics system. Therefore a new additional weighbridge with entrance-station was built and set up for these amount of trucks.



EWB Bern: logistic control system „Energiezentrale Forsthaus“

Construction of a complete logistic control system (RBS) for pioneering project „Energiezentrale Forsthaus“. Included are all hard- and software components for realisation of logistical processes for all incoming and outgoing products like garbage and biomass.



EVN-WÄRME: Weighbridge-VTS Hollabrunn

For exact clearing of incomming biomass deliveries an overground metal construction road weighbridge 18x3m (Mettler-VT200) was delivered, mounted, started up and calibrated.


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