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Logistics control systems, process controls and security systems are our main competence. Berthold`s innovative, reliable solutions secure dispatch manipulations and processes worldwide and take care of sustainable cost reduction.

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Visualization systems

Demonstration of process and plant status
Whereas in former times, machines and plants where controlled with displays, lamps and keys that built a plant picture mosaic, today it is much cheaper and more efficient to use visualization systems.

With that, processes and system states can be demonstrated visuall, and entire industry plants can be controlled via display. Be it through line-displays, touchpanels with graphic support or PC-based software with multiple operating stations.
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Displays and operating terminals

A low priced display which shows all data and messages in text form is mostly adequate for simple processes. For more complicated transactions, it is advisable to use a terminal that can also display pictures and graphics of the plant situation via pictograms and symbols and hence makes the handling much easier. Even advanced functions like displaying trends, archiving of data, visualization with color changes or implementing of own programs is possible.

PC-based solutions

If any other functions are requested, a PC-based solution, which is user friendly due to its familiar handling, is necessary. The visualization system runs on an industrial PC in many cases. This PC is designed for continuous duty. In other cases, the solution is based upon a client-server system technology.

Connection to any number of control systems

All visualization solutions are connected to the control system(s), so that the necessary data can be exchanged. This coupling results either from implemented driver(s) or from the open OPC-interface. In most cases, an OPC-server is required for this. The server is regularly offered by the manufacturer of the control system and with it, any number of control systems or external devices can be connected to the visualization. Limitations can only occur regarding the quantity of exchanged data pointes defined in the license.

A well-proven system

We have been using GE Fanuc's visualization system Proficy HMI/Scada – Cimplicity as a solution provider successfully for many years. Various projects, in which we coupled this system to Siemens-, ABB-, Rockwell- and Schneider-controls and different data bases, prove that. We have designed our own tools and objects in cooperation with the manufacturer, for the purpose of providing our customers with matured systems.

On the other hand, other products of considerable manufacturers like Siemens' WinCC or ETM's PVSS are fully supported by us.

We respond to our customer's requests

If you need a  handling via touchscreens, display of different pictures on multiple screens, a dynamic language shifting, a recipe management or integration of further programs, we can support you. We have even realized a number of data base connections (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc.) to different SQL-data bases.




As a housing of several weighing equipment a special designed cabinet was planned, built and wired. The measured signals of load-cells situated in Ex-zones are brought to this cabinet and connected to the weighing indicator systems, where they are evaluated. The resulting digital information are provided at connector in this cabinet and forwarded to the computer- and control-systems



WINTERTECHNIK: Extension of pumping-station Epleny

The existing pumping-station built in relay technology in 2006 was expanded by a medium pressure pump with 90kW, some pressure control switches and a PTC evaluation. The necessary new cabinet including the “Sanftanlassers“ was built at our company, tested and provided with a complete documentation. Furthermore the existing cabinet was rebuilt at site and a new flow monitoring with fixed setpoint for a frequency drive converter implemented.



ABWASSERVERBAND WR. NEUSTADT: Renovation of pumping-station Katzelsdorf

The pumping-station Katzelsdorf hast o be changed. For this task one of the old cabinets was used with the existing power supply, but a new mounting plate with all electronic components was installed in it. The second cabinet was changed an constructed completely new. The change at site was part of our task as well as the start-up of the complete station.


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