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Logistics control systems, process controls and security systems are our main competence. Berthold`s innovative, reliable solutions secure dispatch manipulations and processes worldwide and take care of sustainable cost reduction.

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Access control systems

In many sectors, access to company areas is granted for both customers and employees. For this to happen controlled and traceable, we offer access control systems. Our systems are conceived for both human beings and cars in the industrial enviroment. They are used at employee parking lots, company areas with high customer traffic or other automatic controlled accesses, where authorization shall be checked and monitored.
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Access controls for weighbridges

Especially at plant entrance that include weighbridges the coordination of the access is necessary. Barriers and traffic lights with safety devices guarantee correct processing of incoming or outgoing vehicles. Access authorization is checked using a contactless microwaves or RFID identification system that is linked to a system using a database. Non-authorized drivers can get into contact with plant security or the porter via an intercom.

Digital video systems

Optionally, it is possible to use our video control and video recording system that is separately available to monitor plant gateways. This system is equipped with digital fixed or pan-tilt cameras (dome-cameras) and can be assigned to the controlling stations via a network. Due to this, every access can be recorded visually (either as fixed image=photo or as video stream) as well.

Control of barriers and gates

Controlling of barriers and gates can either be fully automated or via operator stations. A small amount of barriers and gates is better handled by a control desk with switch/LED or pushbuttons. For control of a larger amount, it’s more effective to use touch screen-panels that display a graphic overview of the arrangement of barriers, gates and traffic lights conditions or induction loops. The control system is built up modular and decentralized; it can be extended in steps of 8 devices. The coupling stations can be built where they are needed and they are connected to the access central system via a network or a bus system.



FERNWÄRME WIEN: New Security-System

Additional tot rucks delivering waste also vehicle data of suppliers and visitors are collected by the help of an automated licence plate recognition system with imaging. This is implemented by an seperated application in our access control system of plant with entrance- and exit recognition. This ensures maximum safty in case of danger (e.g. evacuation). To fulfil privacy policy, no personal data are collected and everything is deleted automatically when the car exits.



EWB BERN: Extension of logistic system Forsthaus

Our scope of supply for logistics solution in Bern has been expanded by the pre-manufactured concrete parts for the two truck-scales, more readers, equipment for self-service for private cars and intercoms. Through these expansion, we are responsible not only for all logistic duties, but also for the two scales, the complete access control and communication. As a result we provided the delivery of a turnkey integrated system for all of these areas.



BIOENERGIE STEYR GMBH: Biomass-logistic Ramingdorf
EVN erected in cooperation with Bioenergie Steyr a new KWK-Powerplant in Ramingdorf near Steyr. We delivered a metal constructed overground weighbridge for trucks with site-cabinets for entrance and exit station, traffic lights, cameras and our complete logistic control system for biomass products.


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