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Digital video systems

Digital video systems are being used more frequently for monitoring of areas or objects. Our answer to this trend is digital video network (DVN). It is a software system for play back, monitoring and recording of digital videos streams, which is suitable - with few restrictions - to analoge cameras.
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The advantages of digital video systems

Digital video systems offer many advantages unlike analog systems. They have lower costs for installation, the mostly better quality of the pictures or the better accessibility over Ethernet network.

Another benefit is the "more-channels-capability": digital video stream of a single camera can be shown nearly at any rate of PC-monitors. Moreover, it can be recorded and saved without any added hardware on every digital medium.

Even video on demand is no problem: unlike analog videos, every desired picture can be shown depending on the configuration. Computer-/IT-support can handle servicing, whereas a video/RF technician is necessary with analog videos.

The digital video network (DVN)

DVN (Version 1.2) offers a wide range of functions, which we will gladly shown you in live mode at our company's:

    • Display of up to 24 images per screen
    • Free configurability of layouts
    • Image dimensions of 320x240, 640x480 and 1280x960 pixel per image
    • PTZ-function (pan-tilt-zoom)
    • Area zoom and digital zoom for fix cameras
    • Up to 16 camera positions per camera
    • Goto panorama position (panorama images with pan/decline cameras)
    • Configurability of fixed camera sequences (chronology of different cameras) for all users
    • Configurability of optional camera sequences per user
    • Configurability of "tours per camera" (sequence of camera positions with defined speed) with a max. of 16 points of aim
    • Flash of camera and local time in the image
    • Possibility of manual handling of camera outputs (relays) 
    • "Freezing" of an image's scene (fixed image)
    • Triggering of a image (is saved as JPEG graphic)
    • Signal monitoring (in case of a breakdown it is shown on the monitor)
    • User management (any number of system users with freely definable access rights)
    • Optional integration of analog cameras
    • Possibility of speech announcements through a PC-microphone and loudspeaker
    • Server or direct mode (no alarms and recordings possible in the direct mode!)
The following additional functions are available in the server modus:

* Idividual frame-rate per image (Controllability of the video system's bandwidth in the network)
* Configurability of the alert management
* Time control of the alarms and recordings of the camera
* Possibility of a manual alarm recording of the actual video stream
* Integration of any number of digital alert sensors
* Motion sensing
* Possibility of a SPS-connection over TCP/IP for alarm trigger
* Alarm recording (real time) / long term recording (weekly timetable)
* Selectable archivall life for long term recording
* Player ro replay the recordings

Robust and flexible system design

All settings and configurations of the DVN-system are saved in an ORACLE® data base. The video system is fault-tolerant, easy to upgrade, it can be configured, administrated and fully scaled via remote maintenance optionally: per server node, max. 32 cameras with parallel normal and alert recording, 64 cameras, 64 monitors, 32 operating stations and 64 images are possible, that can be shown or recorded at the same time. Furthermore, it is possible to connect different DVN-systems with the DVN gateway, not only via local networks, but also via internet or VPN-tunneling. Thereby -depending on the configuration-cameras of different DVN systems can be used and shown at the same monitor.

Direct mode or server mode

The DVN-System can be installed in two different operation modes, depending on the application. In direct mode, no server hardware is needed and the connection to the cameras is carried out in a "direct" way. This mode is suitable for simple video- or access systems. Alarms and recordings are not possible. Bigger supervision systems are operated in server mode, whereas the video images of all cameras are received from one or more server nodes and alarm reporting as well as recordings is performed. The images are redirected to each monitor via a stream-multiplexer. Through this it is possible to monitor the same images at different frame-rates, in order to put no pressure to slow network connections.



FERNWÄRME WIEN: Mobile App for quality control at logistic processes

Several tons of garbage is delivered to plants of Fernwärme Wien every day, in which the secured documentation about condition of products at delivery is very difficult. A simple smartphone – equipped with a secured data link operated app of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H allows a quick documentation by adding photos or videos with remarks to every business case.



W&P: Video surveillance system

All weighbridges in the cement plant Wietersdorf were equipped with a digital video surveillance system (10 fixed outdoor IP-cameras on central operation).



FERNWÄRME WIEN:Expansion of the intercom sytem

Expansion of the digital Voice over IP intercom system of the waste incineration plants from Fernwärme Wien on all outworks. Each system is now connected together and therefore accessible and switchable from every station.


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