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Ing. Rudolf Berthold found Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.mb.H. in 1989. Innovative thinking and action as well as 100% customer satisfaction have remained his main priorities since then. Being a specialist for tailored solutions in the fields of process measuring and control technology, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. develops and ministers various projects for notable companies worldwide. It stands to reason that our entire company, including software-development, is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Welcome to the gateway for a career at Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H!

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School leaving examination? Successfully gratuated. Ready to be a team-player on stand by duty? Excellent.
Than our company is the exact this one to join.
A future with new perspectives and challenges that are to be met and solved awaites you. 
This is shown in the development of our junior technicians:

Support technician

Martin Grill, born in 1988

"After graduation at technical college for "electronic data processing and organisation" in Wiener Neustadt and  some more trainings and education on this subject , I was able to convince as a member of the support team since 2007. A thrilling assignment, where I can show my knowledge of Oracle, SQL & Delphi. Futhermore, I am in charge of administrating the network infrastructure.“


Software technician

Ing. Sandro Aschenbrenner, born in 1982

"After my successfull graduating of technical college for IT, I could call attention of myself and thus was hired by the company. After joining the company, I attended several trainings, organized by logistics experts from Berthold. Subsequently I could start working on the programming of the lead product VAS-II®. Thanks to my employer I could participate on further education as ORACLE Database 10g Administrator, which I completed successfully!“


Software technician

Ing. Daniela Prenner, born in 1985

"Graduating with superior successs from the school for higher technical education in Pinkafeld (specification IT) was a great motivation for me to apply for the position as first female software technician at Berthold. Afte my employment, I have been in charge of programming the LEAD-product VAS-II® up till now.“




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