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Our company

Ing. Rudolf Berthold found Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.mb.H. in 1989. Innovative thinking and action as well as 100% customer satisfaction have remained his main priorities since then. Being a specialist for tailored solutions in the fields of process measuring and control technology, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. develops and ministers various projects for notable companies worldwide. It stands to reason that our entire company, including software-development, is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Our guiding idea

By integrating our systems in the fields of logistics and automation of processes and controlling we intend to help businesses organisations worldwide to boost their productivity by arranging process cycles more efficient, more secure and more traceable.

Our guidelines

Our company
We solve new challenges quickly and efficiently because we have great knowledge and understanding of the system. This allows us to achieve a direct and measureable share of the business success of our principals. Honestly and candor are a main priority for us when dealing with both our customers as well as within our company.

We will maintain and even expand our market position as professional supplier in the fields of logistics-, process- and controll-automation.

Our services
We are a system integration company specializing in process visualization, as well as the development of process, control and regulation based technology. We develop tailor-made solutions in the highest quality based on the individual requirements of our clients.

We have established the unrivalled dispatch aumation control system VAS-II for  waste management  and building material sector. This modular product is being further developed continnally and if required it will be adapted for other areas of business.  

Our dispach automation control systems are unrivaled for areas of building materials, garbage and biomass. They are continuing to evolve and if necessary adapted also for other business segments.

Our system solutions for environmental projects also supports companies to adhere to legal requirements.

All of our projects are designed to ensure that our customers achieve the optimal results. We always use the most suitable product, allowing us to deliver a product of excellent quality, on time, and at a competitive price.

Our customers
We help organisations to accomplish their tasks efficiently, productively, traceably and environmentally friendly.

We intend cooperative and long lasting business relationships with our globally operating customers.

Due to our engagement and our good references we provide convidence for our principals. We provide more than they expect. This correctness that we apply as a matter of course we expect from our customers as well. 
Our team
Together we hardly try to provide a healthy working environment, where we can unfold independently, flexibly and unbureaucraticly.  

We believe it is of importance to interchange knowledge and experience, as well as using optimal tools. We are willing to study continuously and to receive certificates in our areas of experience.

We think and act dedicatedly, we operate entrepreneurial and we will take responsibility. Decisions are made quickly and considerate for our customer's best interest as well as our own.

Our suppliers 
Our suplliers are treated fairly and we keep a high payment behaviour. In turn we expect optimal services on time. 

We operate independently from our suppliers. Moreover, the products are established acording high quality and the best cost/performance ratio possible. 

In order to keep future investments and the sociale security of our employees safe, a high equity ratio plus a satisfying profitabilty and healthy growth are necessities. We do accept only minor shares in our company.  

Our environment 
We avow ourselves to be part of a great whole issue. It is our concern to  keep the air, water and earth at best conditions with our environmental projects.


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