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Ing. Rudolf Berthold found Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.mb.H. in 1989. Innovative thinking and action as well as 100% customer satisfaction have remained his main priorities since then. Being a specialist for tailored solutions in the fields of process measuring and control technology, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. develops and ministers various projects for notable companies worldwide. It stands to reason that our entire company, including software-development, is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
1989 Company foundation as sole proprietorship at Mödling
1990 Start-up with 6 employees in Mödling
1990 First great security system (control) for Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
1990 Special development of communication moduls for PLC Philips PC20
1990 Start of development of VAS for plant of Perlmooser AG's in Kaltenleutgeben
1991 Rededication to a Ges.m.b.H.
Emigration into own company area in Pottendorf 1992
First large scale audio-project for Tauernautobahnen AG 1992
Starter project with W&P BauMit 1992
Weighing scales, mixing equipment and batcher for chocolate production with recipe management 1993
First control system for production of dry mixed products and logistic system for W&P BauMit at Peggau 1994
Outsourcing construction of distributors 1995
1996 First automation of pump station for snow-production equipment at Nassfeld and Damüls (A)
1996 First wiping-solution at national bank institut Vienna and Berlin
1997 First flue gas cleaning equipment (EMSR-Technique) in Beirut and Zagreb
1998 Start of development of VAS-II®
2000 First mobile garbage burning-system (container construction) for Poland (subsidised project EZB-Frankfurt)
2000 First installation of VAS-II® for HOLCIM (building materials)
First installation of Q-Management, inventory administration, forklift coordination at HOLCIM Rohoznik 2001
First installation of logistic control-system for prefabricated mixed product production at W&P BauMit 2001
Test garbage burning plant for EU research center in Ispra (Italy) 2002
First train coordination with dynamic weighbridge at HOLCIM Rohoznik 2002
First installation VAS-II® for garbage logistics in Vienna 2002
First installation VAS-II® automated rail discharge and rail coordination at AVN Dürnrohr 2002
2003 Assembly of our mobile test-/democontainer with a complete running VAS-II®-system for demonstration and education during start up of projects.
2004 First installation hazardous waste modul with barrel stock, offer and factoring
2004 Purchase of High Security data processing base with 19 servers for support and administration
2005 First installation VAS-II® for biomass logistics for EVN Baden and Mödling
2006 Annex and new construction of the company building with about 1000m² bearing surface, VAS-II®demonstration equipment with weighbridge
2006 Redesign and amplification of the High Security base for the new company area including Wireless-LAN
First installation of VAS-II® with ISO-16 Bit font (cyrillic) for EVN in Moscow 2006
First installation of control-system for mixed products with recipe management for Hipp-baby food in Glina (Croatia) 2006
First gathering of measured data with field offices via GSM-net for OMV in Romania 2006
First control-system for mobile production of dry mixed products with recipe management (container construction) for W&P BauMit in Lettland 2008
Development of digital video complete system with recording, rendering and various demonstrations 2008
Development of a EDM modul to automatically fulfill the legal regulations for the magisterial dispatch of waste. 2009
2010 Development of comprehensive data logging system for photovoltaics research project
2010 Implementation of the modulare weigh bridge concept VTS
2010 Start of developing the new logistics control system BLS
2011 Development of selfservice- terminal in complete new design
2011 First implementation of new selfservice terminal at Fernwärme Wien/Spittelau
2011 Integration of waste collection place Süßenbrunn via plant to plant module into the logistics system at waste incinerating plant Dürnrohr
First installation of a control and visualization for hydroelectric power station of EVN Naturkraft at Schmidsdorf/NÖ 2011
Development and first integration of mobile apps for quality management at incinerating plant Fernwärme Wien 2012
First logistics control system at switzerland: EWB Bern - Energiezentrale Forsthaus 2012
Market launch of new logistics control system BLS - follower to VAS-II 2013
Installation of logistics control system BLS in germany at Remondis 2013
2014 Rudolf Berthold Ges.mbH is celebrating 25-year anniversary and the launch of the logistics control system BLS
2014 Upgrade of logistics control system to BLS at Wien Energie
2014 Second BLS project in Switzerland: Installation of BLS at the waste incineration plant of Renergia / Perlen
2014 EVN Wärme: Upgrade of logistics control system to BLS
2015 Installation of BLS for Holding Graz / Recyclingcenter Sturzgasse
2015 Setting the course for the future: company founder Rudolf Berthold passes management to Joachim Berthold
Unique BLS Info Portal goes live: Innovative features and modules in a nutshell 2015
News BLS module 2016
Upgrade to logistics control system BLS at all customers using VAS-II accomplished or started at least 2016



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