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Logistics projects

Logistics - the 6 "right ones":
It is necessary to provide –customer-orientated and minimum of costs

  • the right product
  • at the right time,
  • with the right price,
  • on the right location, 
  • on the right quantity and in,
  • the right quality

Weighing technology

  • Precise weighing instead of delivery values = no incorrect values
  • Highest availability for specialist solutions with collision guards, shock absorbers, etc.
  • No procurement for maintenance work with maintenance contracts


Production planning system

  • Maximum productivity in the case of malfunctions
  • “Just-in-Time” delivery of materials
  • 5% higher productivity
  • No waste production due to automated issue of receipts
  • Customer- or order specific receipts with select function
  • Process control and components in receipts
  • Increase in quality through continuous comparison of desired and actual state and tracking

Process controls

  • Safety of employees and machines
  • Almost 100% availability for plants
  • High-ability systems for error free operation


  • Continuous overview of all processes machines and stations
  • Reduced waiting times through instant alarm and reporting
  • Multiple languages allow more flexible structuring of work
  • Configurable logging enables error-free tracking
  • Charge and quality control protocols standardised
  • Client-/Server solutions provide varied parallel applications

Digital video systems

  • Security and monitoring from outside the plant
  • Automated real time recording in the case of alarm
  • 100% evaluation and movement recognition and/or continuous evaluation of images


  • Optimum medium (barcode/RFID/microwave/video) depending on application
  • 1 read error from 10 Mio. readings in microwave identification
  • Read distance of up to 12m and pass speeds of up to 200 km/h using microwaves

Access controls

  • 100 % access control through separation
  • Additional evaluations such as time reporting or cost centre allocation
  • Time window option for identification
  • Significant reduction in waiting times with contactless RFID identification

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EVN Wärme: Biomass heating plant Guntramsdorf

For the sustainable supply of further parts of Guntramsdorf as well as parts of IZ NÖ Süd, EVN Wärme GmbH built a biomass heating plant on the outskirts of Guntramsdorf. The logistics control system was implemented by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H: The segment bridge scales are linked to a BLS control terminal, a direct connection to the logistics control system BLS of the EVN in Baden and Mödling was established. A separate biomass workplace, including drying kiln and precision balance, ensures a secure sampling with calorific value determination for quality-related billing.

Control technology for the food industry

An existing drying and filling line was expanded by a second line, and the machinery components for this were supplied and assembled by Andritz. The incorporation of the state-of-the-art "drum dryers" and "big bag filling station" was placed in the hands of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H, as was the integration into the existing visualization system for optimized monitoring of the entire system.

ABWASSERVERBAND WR.NEUSTADT: Control technology for various applications

We were able to implement several projects in 2016 for this long-standing customer: complete electrical engineering and process control for new sewage sludge centrifuges as well as their integration, the replacement of sub-distribution cabinets including PLC programming, adaptation of the control cabinet for a brook slider together with level monitoring and remote control chloride pumps into a new PLC including visualization.

WIEN ENERGIE: Module "cash register" integrated into BLS

In order to meet the requirements of the Austrian registering account obligation, the new module "cash register" developed by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H was integrated into the existing logistics control system BLS. This module includes the creation of the unchangeable, exportable data collection protocol as well as the creation of documents according to the specifications. Furthermore, a signature creation unit is integrated, with which all documents are signed.

HOLDING GRAZ: Module "cash register" integrated in BLS

Integration of the new module "cash register", developed by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H, into the existing logistics control system BLS. This module includes the creation of the unchangeable, exportable data collection protocol as well as the creation of documents according to the specifications. Furthermore, a signature creation unit is integrated, with which all documents are signed. This means that the recycling center Sturzgasse corresponds in a simple way to all provisions of the Austrian registration obligation.

ACAT: Control technology for sludge spirals

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H supplied the complete electrical engineering for new sewage sludge centrifuges from ACAT, known for optimum dewatering technology. The project was implemented to the full satisfaction of the customer from the planning, the distribution, wiring, electrical installation and commissioning.

Control technology for the food industry

As a long-standing partner of a company in the food industry, we were able to successfully implement a extensive project for our customer. In the course of an IT conversion, new hardware was installed for visualization and control, PLC replacement, software adaptations and a new connection to SAP.

Wietersdorfer & Peggauer Group (W & P): Production control for ready-mixed mortar mixing plant in Sirač

The large-scale project includes the central recording and control of the areas of production planning, production control as well as recipe management and storage areas. This modernization was implemented by replacing the S5 PLC hardware with S7-300 / 400 components and implementing new PLC software and process control software.

WATER TREATMENT GmbH: Control technology for wiping lye treatment

The Water Treatment GmbH (WTG) developes and distributes solutions for banknote printing plants worldwide. Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H provides, as a strong partner alongside WTG, optimized control technology for wiping solution treatment plants at - from engineering and manufacturing to commissioning on site. Together with WTG, several projects in Europe, Africa and Asia have already been successfully completed.

FOOD INDUSTRY: Control technology increases efficiency

As a longtime partner of a company in the food industry, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H has again been able to implement an efficient control solution: To reduce the deployed detergent and to minimize the waste, a mixing plant was rebuilt and the whole cleaning process was redesigned from scratch. From competent engineering to commercial application, we were able to handle this control project to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

HOLDING GRAZ: Logistics Control System BLS for the recycling center Sturzgasse

In 2015 the recycling center Sturzgasse was equipped with the new logistics control system BLS. All business cases of this central access point for municipal, commercial and domestic waste are now automatically registered with all relevant parameters. After joint detail planning, engineering and subsequent implementation including data transfer from the old system by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H, all requierements could be implemented with the help of BLS.

EVN heat: Upgrade of VAS-II to BLS

After the excellent experiences of EVN Wärme GmbH with the logistic control system VAS II, in 2015 in all automated heating plants an upgrade to the web-based complete system BLS has been realized. All data were directly transferred to the new system and the upgrade could take place without stopping the heating plants. This upgrade ensures a safe system for many years and furthermore a smooth continue to run smoothly in the works.

EWB Bern: Upgrade to BLS

The hardware of the Swiss flagship project for waste treatment facilities "Energiezentrale Forsthaus" in Bern was already appositely planned for the newest generation of the logistics control system BLS when first installed in 2013. The software upgrade to the latest version of BLS was successfully and quickly conducted at the end of 2015. EWB Bern benefits from the further increased user-friendliness of the new web-based software structure.

WIEN ENERGIE: Dispo tool

Together with Wien Energie, an extensive, web-based application for registration, planning and proper accounting of waste was planned, developed and implemented in BLS.The aim was to simplify the current disposition process and to integrate the customer. The so-called “dispo tool” supports the planning of material flows and provides both Wien Energie itself, as well as their customers a better overview, as well as easier handling.

ABWASSERVERBAND WR.NEUSTADT: Screening chamber control as well as other control and communication projects

In 2014, we also carried out numerous upgrades and modifications at AWVWNS: for example, we developed and built a completely new control system for two screens in the screening chamber and integrated them into the existing control system. Other projects included a renewal of the control and communication technology for level measurement, desulphurisation, bionics, and centrifuge, as well as FeCL³ measurement in the chamber filter press. In addition, we were also contacted to renew and expand the energy management system.  

REMONDIS: BLS logistics control system now active in Lünen Lippe Plant

For the very first time, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H has rolled out a complete industrial estate equipped with the new BLS logistics control system. The 230 hectare industrial recycling centre is operated by REMONDIS. There are now 16 companies at the location equipped with the BLS system. The BLS logistics control system was supplied as a holistic turnkey solution which is now responsible for the recording, trouble-free processing and documentation of around 1.6 million tons of input and approx. 1 million tons of output of diverse materials.

Wien Energie: upgrade of logistics control system

For many years, Wien Energie has relied Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H logistics solutions. And we have now been contracted to upgrade the existing system to the new BLS lead product. This upgrade includes a partial renewal of the previous hardware components, as well as a software upgrade to include all previous functionalities and necessary data migration. The change of hardware was done in stages, so that no interruption of plant operation occured. The software upgrade will take place over a weekend in all four plants at the same time with the result that no additional downtime will be incurred.

RENERGIA: BLS logistics control system for waste incineration plant in Perlen

The project comprises the engineering and constuction of a complete BLS logistics control system for the new waste incineration plant in Perlen. This includes hardware and software, access control, weighing systems, identification, transport control systems with rooting, as well as fast-mode bunker gates and several interfaces with other systems. With this project, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is sending the first BLS logistics control system to Switzerland and will be responsible for the recording, processing and documenting of all deliveries and dispatches to and from the power plant, as well as invoicing and transfer of data to the financial accounting system.

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