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We do not leave our customers on their own after successful implementation of our systems. If our customers have any question or problem, they can approach one of our technicians, who will gladly help with their widespread know-how.

A support or maintenance contract is advisable, when a delivery system is of great importance or if a component fault causes economic disadvantages.

We offer maintenance contracts in the following alternatives:

  • Within the framework of a maintenance-contract the systems are checked at regular service intervals and possible damaged parts are changed before system crashes.
  • Maintenance and repair contracts cover the whole working time for all occurring repairing.
  • Full maintenance contracts include all working time and material compensation (all devices. excluding expendable parts) travel and working time as well as guaranteed reaction time.

Our services

Hotline-telephone support

A special highlight that we provide for our customers is a hotline-telephone support. This support can cover normal working hours or over 24/7, wheras with the second option, we guarantee a four hour reaction time per remote maintenance. 

Guaranteed reconditioning 

Moreover, full maintenance contracts can include a 24h guaranteed repair time, where all spare parts are in stock at our company or at customer’s plant. Additionally, an almost fully stocked "rolling" spare parts store is available for all of our support technicians that provide them to solve even unexpected problems quickly. This includes along with relays, power supplies, control and network components, PC’s and touch screens. Our support-vehicles are equipped with all necessary utilities like vacuum cleaners, compressors, floodlights, ladders and all required tools.

99,99% functioning guarantee

At important plants, where a breakdown of a core component would cause a standstill of production, we design relevant components like hard disks (raid 1 or 5) or servers redundantly. In this case, a similar configuration runs parallel or it stands by as so-called "cold-standby"-system, which can be activated within short time. With that, we can achieve a 99, 9% functioning guarantee.

Spare parts-kit

Every customer can acquire a spare parts-kit with easily changeable parts like PLC-entry/exit cards, power supplies or touch screens from us. Just like that, damaged devices can be replaced by yourself and you are able to hold downtimes at a minimum.

Quick help with remote maintenance

Precondition for quick help is the possibility to access to the system via remote maintenance. This can happen with a modem over an analog telephone circuit or digital ISDN-Router, but it is better to access via an internet connection, that is secured through a firewall/router system. With larger corporate groups it is also possible to access via a special backed up central gateway into the internal network and to connect to plant networks via VPN-tunnels and routers. Because of this, internet connection as open point of attack can be avoided. 

Callibrations and check-ups

In the course of a maintenance contract, continuous calibrations or other legal check-ups can be carried out by us. We take care that the standard weights, the permitted organization for metrological checkups of scales and the required human resources are on the spot at the agreed time. You do not have to worry about anything any more.

Our support-tool

For minor important problems, we provide a support-tool for you, which is either integrated into our software or you have access via internet. Your entry is transmitted per sms to our support-technicians. Mostly within hours, but latest at next working day, we start with your job. The progress of problem solving can be seen via internet based support-tool. Furthermore, it is possible to get a complete list of all problem cases (calls) including its progress at any time.

Contact Persons

Ing. Thomas Braun

VAS-II® Support, Service
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