The 30 delivery stations currently in operation collected an immense amount of waste and pack it into containers. This waste is then transported directly to Dürnrohr by rain where the waste is transferred to the thermal processing plant by automated loading.

Delivery by rail is operated by Entsorgungs Logistik Austria GmbH, a subsidiary of Rail Cargo Austria AG.

An example of a highly-efficient logistics solution

The delivery station in Süßenbrunn/Gerasdorf is the collecting point for the area surrounding northern Vienna, as well as the Shopping Center Nord.

In April 2011, an automated delivery system planned and implemented by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H was put into operation:

All delivery and administrative processes are managed by the receiver – in this case, EVN in Dürnrohr.

The entire waste is weighed a self-operated weighing station at the delivery station in Süßenbrunn. Administration of the waste and transport can then be carried out using the control technology link directly after weighing in Süßenbrunn.

A tailor-made logistics system including business module has been set up in Süßenbrunn and is directly connected to the modified SAP system in Dürnrohr.

This allows the weighing operator in Dürnrohr to control the weighing station directly from the plant in Dürnrohr. The newly-installed video monitoring system ensures both simple and secure operation.

The external maintenance system allows for fast access for service or maintenance purposes.

This investment primarily guarantees:

  • Secure data for administrative purposes
  • High planning capacity for plant resources
  • Continuous reductions of operating costs
The slogan "Reduce stress –Take the train" therefore also applies for power plant operators.

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