Dear readers,

2020 was already an exceptional year for us, but 2021 held even greater challenges in store. It was a busy year for BERTHOLD, but against all odds, a positive year!

We faced delivery bottlenecks and price increases from suppliers, as well as “lockdowns”. But with foresight and meticulous preparation, we succeeded in realizing the best possible for our customers this year as well.
In accordance with our principle “We keep what we promise!”, Despite the difficult framework conditions, we were able to complete our various projects on time and with high quality.

Innovative projects

The year started out very busy. From Christmas 2020 to February 2021, our team showed the best performance in the ROHRDORFER project despite difficult conditions. For this supraregional active building material producer, 8 locations of the cement division were equipped with BLS.

The system was successfully put into operation and was able to be further optimized with the customer in real operation within a very short time. Ultimately, a holistic and digital logistics solution was created for all locations.

With the wood-fired thermal power station (HKW) in Aarberg / CH, the next project was already about to begin the test and implementation phase:

Prepared and integrated into the system in 2020, real operation had to be tested in 2021 and the system completely handed over.

The pandemic with the country-specific regulations made cross-border work very difficult, but thanks to very efficient teamwork, the project was successfully brought to its destination.

Security in pandemic times

With repeated lockdowns we were already tried and tested. Wherever possible, we moved the work to the home office. The strictest safety and hygiene measures have always been in place on our company premises, some of which went beyond the statutory guidelines. We provided additional protective equipment, hygiene products and antigen tests at an early stage. We also introduced 3G in the workplace long before the regulation.

It was personally important to me to ensure the highest possible level of security within the scope of what is reasonable for us and taking into account ongoing projects. Through clear communication, we were also able to convey transparent rules and thus the ability to plan. Looking back, I think we were able to respond comprehensively as a company to the challenges of the pandemic measures. Undoubtedly you will always find points that you want to do even better in the future.

Regular customers and acquisitions

We are implementing new projects with some of our regular customers in control technology, such as Abwasserverband Wiener Neustadt Süd and Water Treatment GmbH (WTG).

For our long-standing customer Wien Energie, we were able to develop a completely new traffic concept for the Spittelau location, which is currently being tested and implemented.

But new customers such as Baumit at the Bad Ischl location and Leube GmbH in Salzburg with a cement and lime plant were also acquired during this difficult time. Both projects will now be delivered before Christmas, assembled and put into operation in January.

Baumit is one of the largest producer of construction material in Europe
Leube GmbH – the biggest cement and lime plant in Salzburg/A

Projects are also being planned, such as the expansion of the existing logistics control system in a new “resource park” of Holding Graz or a new traffic concept at w&p that will be integrated into the existing logistics control system.

Further software development

In addition to the labor-intensive projects, we developed new software tools such as ticket tool for our support, new logging and also the revision of our WEB customer module.

Quality management according to ISO 9001: 2015

We always want to get better. That is why we surveyed our employees as well as our customers on the occasion of the re-certification audit according to ISO 9001: 2015.

The evaluation of the customer survey provides an overall mean value of 1.37 and once again confirms the high level of customer satisfaction.

We are particularly pleased with the confirmed recommendation rate of 1.05 on a scale of 1-5. In the capital goods industry, this value can be regarded as an exceptionally good result.

Suggestions for improvement received are reflected and are a drive for us for current and future developments, which ensure further dynamism and stability at BERTHOLD.

Investing in the future

The good order situation has allowed the BERTHOLD team to grow by a good third in the past two years. Now we are building modern offices and social rooms for our employees and are investing over one million euros in expanding our company.

Not only the most modern work rooms, but also the appropriate opportunities for cozy social exchange are provided. This corresponds to my personal concern: to develop our company towards sustainability and eco-social behavior.

Our contribution to achieving the climate goals

We have therefore had our CO2 footprint calculated and will take the first improvement measures in the course of the expansion with thermal renovation, the construction of a photovoltaic system and 2 charging stations for e-vehicles.

We will continue to follow this path over the next few years.

Technicians wanted

Economic success requires committed, loyal employees and an appreciative and motivating corporate culture.

We are always looking for people who would like to work in our team. Two young, committed technicians who we were able to take on this year are currently being trained and set up. They are already working extremely successfully on projects and supporting our team.

Success through a motivated team

Finally, I would like to thank our team for the high level of professionalism and tireless work!

I am aware that the last few years have been intensive and often stressful due to difficult framework conditions and at the same time gratifyingly high workload. Nevertheless, you have achieved great things as a team and thus made a significant contribution to the company’s success.

Together we will also master the coming, labor-intensive period. All in all, we can be very satisfied, but also thankful that our company is doing so well! That is why we look positively ahead out of conviction.

I wish all employees and their families, as well as our customers, suppliers and partners, a Merry Christmas, health, happiness and success for the new year 2022!

Joachim Berthold, MAS
Managing Director

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