The committed BERTHOLD team will be massively strengthened: As of July 2020, 5 young technicians will join the team. BERTHOLD is taking another step towards a successful future.

The committed BERTHOLD team will be massively strengthened: As of July 2020, 5 young technicians will join the team. BERTHOLD is taking another step towards a successful future.

High-tech from BERTHOLD is booming

The continuously high capacity utilization shows that BERTHOLD delivers the right solutions. Both before Covid 19 and now, the medium-sized company was able to gain other well-known companies as new customers. (see article Rohrdorfer, Limeco)

CEO Joachim Berthold, MAS, is impressed by the performance of his team: “We are very happy about the high capacity utilization. Thanks to the above-average dedication and great teamwork of our employees, we were able to win new customers and handle projects at the usual high level. Some employees went close to their workload limits.”

In autumn 2019, the team was therefore already targeted to be strengthen. This is now much stronger than originally planned:

“We are now taking massive measures to counter the threat of overloading the team. 5 young technicians will join our team from July 2020 to ensure and expand capacities and to ensure the usual high quality.” Joachim Berthold explains this important decision.

High demands when selecting employees

“The search for suitable employees turned out to be difficult, because our requirements are high: lived teamwork, being able to grasp complex relationships quickly and solution-oriented thinking and acting are basic requirements for successful work in the BERTHOLD team,” J. Berthold describes the requirements.

“After an intensive search and corresponding selection process, we found 5 young and motivated people who will surely enrich our team.” J. Berthold is pleased about the following new additions:

Mr. Daniel Joszt has already completed two internships with great commitment at BERTHOLD. After successfully completing his technical college, BERTHOLD was very keen to win him over as an IT technician.

Mr. Alexander Watzke brings his experience as a web developer and IT system administrator to the start at BERTHOLD. He will initially work 50% as an IT technician and 50% as a software programmer.

Mr. Chris Andre Kinker will support the BERTHOLD team on the software development side. His first professional experience as a web developer promises a good start.

Mr. Haris Veladzic starts at BERTHOLD as an IT technician. For him it is a motivated leap into professional life after successfully completing the technical college.

Ms. Samra Junuzovic also joins the BERTHOLD team immediately after completing school. Just one day after graduating from high school, she was able to convince the team at BERTHOLD with competence, thirst for knowledge and ambition.

“We are aware that some of them are young professionals or at least young technicians with a little work experience. However, we will support these motivated technicians as best as possible with their entry and trust that we will successfully build them up into effective team members.” Explains J. Berthold and points out that BERTHOLD always offers young people opportunities for an optimal career start.

In-depth training

In-depth know-how relating to the BERTHOLD portfolio will be imparted to all new employees through intensive training from July. Practical participation in the numerous projects will make them valuable team members.

J. Berthold is confident about the future: “We are looking forward to a young, motivated team that will support us. With this reinforcement, we create relief, can push our project forward even faster and at the same time give young people a good start to their professional lives.”

Internships at BERTHOLD

In addition, BERTHOLD is again offering two students an internship this summer. For the first time, we are also allowed to accompany another intern in autumn for 11 weeks. This is a new form of internship in the winter semester as part of a technical college training. Students gather practical experience 4 days a week in a company, while the 5th day serves for further theoretical training.

Internships always offer good opportunities to bring young people closer to the job. At the same time, companies can get to know potential new employees at an early stage. BERTHOLD is pleased to have awarded internships again this year.

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