As of now, the “ID display station” is another application-flexible device with the tried and tested functions of a BLS terminal: A good alternative if an integrated scale evaluation and a print function in the cabinet are not required.

As part of the BLS logistics control system, BERTHOLD relies on self-developed, customized human interface devices such as self-service terminals and ID stations:

This ensures high practical suitability, flexibility and trouble-free operation even in harsh environmental conditions.

Perfected down to the last detail

The experience of numerous projects can be found in every terminal and in every BERTHOLD ID station. Innovations are found down to the smallest detail, which originated in the most varied of requirements, the most varied of installation locations and countless practical experiences.
This also applies to the newly developed ID display station:

Modular design, flexible in use

ID display stations consist of specially developed stainless steel cabinets with a 12“ display and 2 panels. The assembly takes place individually depending on the requirement.

  • Barcode / dotcode scanner
  • RFID reader
  • Combined readers & scanners
  • 12“ touchscreen
  • VOIP intercom

    This ID display station with touchscreen from BERTHOLD represents a cost-effective alternative to the compact self-service terminal, provided that integrated scale evaluation, active air conditioning and RFID card dispenser in the cabinet are not required.

    ID display stations are used as:

    Registration terminals
    Simplified entry and exit terminals
    Loading / unloading terminals
    Sampling terminals

    Due to the wide range of identification options, ID display stations perform tasks such as:

    • the secure release of peripherals such as barriers, gates
    • triggering process steps such as weighing, loading
    • the identification of vehicles, goods, containers, people
    • ensuring correct processes

      Fail-safe & durable

      BERTHOLD ID display stations are not air-conditioned, but are nevertheless suitable for outdoor use. A thermostat-controlled heating and ventilation ensures trouble-free operation in all seasons. All operating units are accessible from the front, which means that any installation location can be selected and there is optimal maintainability.

      The flexible ID display stations can be integrated as full elements in the BLS logistics control system.

      High quality at fair investment costs

      BERTHOLD now uses a comprehensive, sophisticated hardware portfolio to design (and expand) BLS logistics control systems:

      The hardware range of flexible ID stations from BERTHOLD is the ideal choice for easy identification of vehicles, goods, containers or people, in order to carry out security queries or to initiate processes.

      The practical terminals and ID stations meet the high demands that we place on components of our BLS logistics control system at absolutely fair investment costs, are secure and durable.

      We would be happy to provide you with details:

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