Example: delivery by train

In Dürnrohr EVN operates the biggest incineration plant in Austria. Here deliveries mainly take place via railway. Unloading is automated by either using a container crane or by relocation trucks.
The railway bills are previously transferred to the logistics control system BLS via an interface, updated with various dispatch data and automatically generated as a scheduling.

Combined with the many other features of the BLS system from Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H, such as Railway coordination, interface for automatic crane unloading, integration of the relocation trucks and more, the deliveries can be handled automatically, quickly and efficiently.

Example: municipal delivery by truck

For the classification of its own vehicles and the collection tours, the City of Vienna works with its own system. The waste is then taken over to a large part by Wien Energie as the operator of the four largest thermal waste treatment plants.

Also in this case, for automated data acquisition an interface has successfully been set up by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. All cleared dispatches are fully and automatically transferred as intended scheduling into the logistics control system BLS of Wien Energie, including all relevant data.

Highest efficiency at scheduling

On the basis of years of practice, both examples show that the open interface structure and automated data transfer are important functions of the logistics control system BLS. A simplified, error-free communication means less manual input, clearly arranged scheduling and optimized control of deliveries. Thus, the maximum efficiency is already ensured at the beginning of each business case.

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