The BLS construction materials module covers all logistical processes for incoming and outgoing materials and for finished products using all means of transport.

Your products and goods such as

  • concrete, cement
  • lime, plaster, ready-mix mortar, gypsum
  • gravel

Your incoming raw materials such as

  • limestone, sand, clinker, flue ash, clay and soil

In all containers including as

  • bulk goods
  • in all kinds of tanks
  • packaged goods like sacks on pallets, and in any other container.

Energy sources such as oil or coal and process materials such as ammonia can also be managed in BLS.

Innovative elements like packaging controllers, warehouse management and forklift or rail coordination help to make the entire logistics process as efficient as possible.

Self-service loading and unloading

drastically reduced waiting times, and therefore loading and unloading times, when goods are being collected and delivered. Transactions can be processed around the clock, even when the dispatch staff is not present.

BLS guarantees the delivery of the right product with the right vehicle to the right customer at the right time. To ensure this, a broad range of checks and monitoring functions is integrated into the system.

Fraudulent manipulation is virtually impossible with BLS.
All entries and steps are logged to ensure complete documentation.

BLS assists you with many different internal processes:

Forklift coordination
BLS ensures optimal use and coordination of forklifts.
Each forklift is fitted with a touch terminal that is used to assign the jobs to the driver. The driver completes the jobs in the indicated order and confirms them on the terminal.

This virtually precludes loading mistakes.
The forklift driver can enter corrections directly in the terminal, and the lorry driver is given the corrected delivery slip automatically upon departure.

Storage optimization

BLS can manage all of your storage, with all articles in any container.
The integrated warehouse module even pays attention of whether the goods are wrapped in plastic film, so that an outdoor storage area can also be used optimally.
BLS works using the first-in/first-out principle, and ensures optimized operations.
Unnecessary handling steps are prevented: Goods that have just been manufactured are loaded directly onto the lorry instead of being put into storage.

Silo and container management with accessories

BLS manages and documents your plant’s complete delivery logistics system, and can also manage your containers and mobile silos.
All setup, return, refill and relocate jobs are documented in full.

The integrated workshop optimization functions allow your mobile silos to be prepared, maintained and emptied without the loss of time or materials. This makes optimal use of your production and workshop capacities and of your mobile silos.

Internet booking

BLS allows customers to make bookings directly over the Internet:
The customer can log into a special part of the system with his user name and password, and can then assign his vehicles.

The system then provides all current information he needs about his transactions.

Fleet module

BLS offers a unique fleet optimization function for own and third-party vehicles and helps you tap your full savings potential:
This module ensures optimal capacity utilization with minimal driver overtime as possible, and with the shortest possible routes.

Because of the short optimization time (a few minutes), BLS can react to changed requirements (additional tasks) at any time during the day, taking into account tasks that have been completed (confirmation by an on-board unit) and adapting the pending jobs.

production planning and controlling system

The production planning and controlling system PPS enables linking and business optimization of all areas of a company within a framework of model calculations. Through central collection and controlling of production planning, production controlling and stock management, optimal security within the traceability of all components in line with the production process is ensured.

Model calculation of the production process via PPS is simple and logically realized. It provides a quick and complete overview of all related factors, like input goods (raw materials and semi-finished products), stock and the available production capacities of machines and human resources. Controlling of the process happens through commissions and dispositions in compliance of the production instructions. Information of the processes (operating data, charges, and faults) complement the production process.

PPS – a module of great relevance for ready-mixed mortar plants

The Wietersdorfer Gruppe is operating a high number of ready-mixed mortar plants. In beginning of 2012, the facilities Wietersdorf and Peggau received the latest generation of production planning systems by Rudolf Berthold Ges. m.b.H. In 2011 Wietersdorfer has errected a new facility for ready-mixed mortar close to St. Peterburg – equipped with the Rudolf Berthold production planning system too.

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