BLS stands for Berthold logistics control system,
a system developed entirely by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. for the automatic processing of dispatch and logistics orders as well as for video monitoring and access control.

BLS is a complete system consisting of different software and hardware modules and covers the ENTIRE LOGISTICS PROCESS, from bidding and processing to invoicing and forwarding to a financial accounting system, ALL IN A SINGLE SOLUTION.

In addition to dispatch automation, BLS also covers all weighing equipment and can include production planning and receipt management if desired. When you use BLS, there are no interface problems – which often cause bottlenecks, waiting and processing errors.

BLS logistics control system – An investment with very quick ROI

Companies that can deliver and receive goods without delay or errors using streamlined cost structures enjoy high levels of customer satisfaction. This of course also applies to companies that offer their products as bulk goods or in many different packages.

The BLS logistics control system is a sustainable and affordable investment that pays for itself quickly.

Self-service loading and unloading

BLS drastically reduces waiting times, and therefore loading and unloading times, when goods are being collected and delivered.
Transactions can be processed around the clock, even when the dispatch staff is not present.

BLS guarantees the delivery of the right product with the right vehicle to the right customer at the right time. To ensure this, a wide range of checks and monitoring functions is integrated into the system. Operating errors are nearly impossible with BLS.

All entries and steps are logged to ensure complete documentation.

Innovative self-service terminal

Inside: state-of-the-art technology. Outside: functionality and design. The self-service terminal allows simple self-service loading and unloading at the arrival and departure points and at the loading and unloading stations.

The control centre hardware for reliable solutions
The central control systems for BLS offer the greatest possible protection against system failures, data loss and unauthorised access. Multiple variants and a modular design allow us to provide you with the most effective solution for your needs.

Perfect flexibility

Every company and every process is unique – and this fact was a key consideration in the development of BLS.
Thanks to the modular structure with user-specific elements, you are guaranteed to get a complete solution that simply fits.

BLS also adapts to your logistics application. Today and tomorrow.

BLS can cover your ENTIRE logistics process, regardless of whether it involves lorries or trains, forklifts, automated loading and unloading, production management or packaging.

And there are special features for individual industries such as waste management, building materials or biomass power plants.

Building materials module

Automated logistics solution for concrete, cement, lime, plaster, ready-mix mortar, gypsum, gravel and all input materials like limestone, sand, clinker, flue ash, clay, soil, and more.

The BLS construction materials module covers all logistical processes for incoming and outgoing materials and for finished products using all means of transport.
Energy sources such as oil or coal and process materials such as ammonia can also be managed in BLS.

Innovative elements like packaging controllers, warehouse management and forklift or rail coordination help to make the entire logistics process as efficient as possible.

Additional modules that are specially designed for ready-mix mortar systems up to and including complete production management with receipt and batch management can also be integrated.
Download BLS for construction materials

Waste module

Special automated logistics solution for waste management: Refuse such as household waste, commercial waste and hazardous waste

Complete documentation: All incoming and outgoing materials, their origin and their further processing are all completely documented.

They are classified based on the waste catalogue, for which the product classes and waste specifications are continuously adopted to the official requirements.

Travel distances and routes for waste collection are also taken into account. When collecting waste in smaller communities, it is even possible to allocate quantities to different organisations.

Ongoing optimisation: All data is processed and provided to the incineration plant control systems so that energy generation can be continuously optimised.
Every form of bulk goods or bulk packages entails special requirements for logistical handling, storage and processing.
Download BLS for waste management

BLS may be the world’s most advanced logistics control system

and offers special solutions for all of these industries:
• Biomass such as wood chips, organic waste, biogenous fuels and pellets
• Goods for the chemicals or plastic industry
• Food, animal feed
We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need!

BLS helps save costs throughout the entire process

If needed, BLS accepts orders from upstream processes and provides transparent information about all transactions.

With order entry and order assignment.
Identification by RFID, barcode, microwave or license plate recognition systems.

Loading and unloading
BLS ensures the highest possible capacity utilisation. Automatic assignment to the loading and unloading station with the shortest waiting time. Optimisation of inventory, container and pack handling. Just-in-time production of mixed products with extremely accurate metering is possible.

All delivery and accompanying documents are provided automatically by the system and collected by the driver upon departure, without lost time.
Double or multiple weighing prevents manipulations.

The choice is yours: automated invoicing or data forwarding to a host/ERP system, including processing of cash payments.

A wide range of reports, for example on materials, customers and suppliers.
Mobile apps also help cut costs.

BLS uses the advantages of mobile devices. For providing information, entering data and completing quality checks.

Greatest possible protection against system failures

Our unique support team is there to ensure the operation of your BLS. Fast help is always guaranteed by our hotline, remote maintenance and support tool. If desired, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

BLS is the complete system for your plant

We are your single provider and contact for the complete control system, including engineering, delivery of all necessary hardware and software modules and outstanding support with maintenance agreements.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is ready to deliver your turnkey BLS system, including rapid implementation at a fixed price.

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