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Logistics control systems, process controls and security systems are our main competence. Berthold`s innovative, reliable solutions secure dispatch manipulations and processes worldwide and take care of sustainable cost reduction.

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Process controls

Workflow without errors - because of automation technology
The workflow of our customers should run without errors. Especially with monotone and ever-recurring process, where the reaction has to be quick and correct, automation technology is used.

May it be through fabrication machines, which bore thousans of holes a day, through robots, which place small or large parts exactly where they belong and connect them together, or through process controll, which provide the right temperature depending processes.
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We provide optimal process steps

It is a goal of automation engineering to find the appropriate instrument for the particular production process and to apply and combine these properly. Thereby, in order to guarantee a perfect implementation, our customer's guidelines are integrated in flowcharts, schemata, drafts, specifications or system specifications. An experienced technician creates an adapted concept, which serves as base for the next steps (e.g. selection of the right process control)

Fitting equipment

Different processes ask for different regulators and controlers. Decentralized process controllers for example are rather to be used for small, quickly changing or special tasks (like pressure compensations). Depending on the size of a task, we use compact, medium or large controllers, as they can be used versatile. For networking and distributed operation, it can be recommended to use a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Peripheral components

at some type of plants, it can be advantageous to use peripheral components in the project design. Thereby, a central processing unit of the control system is situated centrally, whereas the necessary input/output units are placed at the fitting locations of the plant. The main station and the substations are linked either with a bus system (e.g. Profibus DP) or Ethernet (either a manufacturer-specific or an independent one, to which devices of other manufacturers can be attached).

The right hard- and software

All programmable logic controllers (PLC) are based on the standard IEC 61131 and include, depending to the requirements, the programming languages instruction lines (AWL/IL), contact plan (KOP/LD), function plan (FUP/FBD), as well as sequential language (AS/SFC) or structured text (ST). We prefer to use Siemens controls (Simatic S7-200, 300 and 400), however, we have completed many projects with different control manufacturers like Rockwell, Schneider, ABB, and Omron successfully. Moreover, we use modules of Beckhoff for decentralized peripheral components, which are linked up via Profibus or Industrial Ethernet.

Development of the electrical cabinets

On demand, we take care of the electrical cabinet's development, which are built up from one of our partner companies and afterwards tested by us. With the help of numerous test and simulation equipment, we are able to simulate nearly the whole process and control cycle. Due to this, we can demonstrate nearly the complete plant automation concept at an early stage. At the time of the implementing, a guaranteed electrical cabinet without errors and complete pretested software is at your disposal.

Installation and implementing

We will gladly implement the E-Installation and the connections to external devices (sensors, actuators, assemblies) for you. Implementing regularly includes the I/O-Test (test of signals), the cold test (test of operation without material, heating and so on) and the functional startup test (sub process respectively complete process flow). Furthermore, we provide you monitoring of the first operating days or a finally optimization phase.

Our services at a glance

We provide extensive know how for the optimization of your process flows in the following areas:

  • Solution design
  • Detail engineering
  • Hardware planning
  • Project management
  • Electric cabinet assembly
  • Programming
  • Interface adjustment to other assembly sections/distributors
  • Internal test/factory approval
  • E-Installation/building site monitoring
  • I/O-Test
  • Implementing
  • Documentation design
  • Optimization
  • Service and support



WTE : Automatic control system for snow production system skiing area Zwardon

Delivery and startup of control system for pump-station including power-section, individual control of floodlight on masts along ski run, creation of control system and visualisation RB-SNOW for automatic control and monitoring of all snow production equipment. Logging of all operating data as well as weather information complete with reporting and alerting system is also included. All user operation is available in mutiple languages.




Adaptations and changes in the central process control system due to changes in various parts of the facility / PLC.



EVN coal power station Dürnrohr – Extromat I

In the coaling transportation plant a new processcontrol and integration to the central control centre was required for a charging station. The presented concept convinced on both technical and commercial issues, in particular the timely, quick implementation in the limited available time and our elegant solution enthused the persons responsible for technical issues. Since our approach has proven during rough full operations for a long time, other charging stations should follow with this concept.



Food manufacturer, Croatia

A manufacturer for baby food had particular export success to Asia in the past few years. Due to resulting production increases and the fact that Croatia joined the EU, it is necessary to adhere to new safety requirements. Due to the implementation of these safety requirements and the short available period of time, as well as necessary hygienic rules, such a project is always becoming a particular challenge. Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H was not only able to undercut the demanding time allowances with the proven team, but show a fault-free commissioning and ensured a flawless and compliant production from the very beginning.


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