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Logistics control systems, process controls and security systems are our main competence. Berthold`s innovative, reliable solutions secure dispatch manipulations and processes worldwide and take care of sustainable cost reduction.

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Identification systems

For production and goods manipulation

Identification of goods or other articles is not only necessary for logistics, but also for production and goods manipulation, for transport tracking of packages, in stock-keeping and picking, for identification of cars or industrial manufacturing processes - we provide optimal identification solutions for our customers, that cover exact their needs.

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Barcodes can be produced quickly and simply, moreover, they can be read with relative low priced devices. However, they have a short reading distance and cannot read destroyed or dirty tags. Modern, more expensive bar code readers or the usage of point codes improve results in this case. By frequent using (e.g. to identify vehicles) the barcode can be applied onto PVC-, credit card sized tags. The barcode can be engraved into metal via laser technology, if heat resistance is necessary. The range of bar code reading devices reaches from ball pen-like pen readers for offices up to camera supported systems, which are able to read large bar codes up to 10m of distance.

RFID-Identification systems

Frequencies of the long-wave range are used for "radio frequency identification“devices with active and passive tags. Active tags send, when activated by the transmit/receive-device, stored data back on their own. For that, they need a battery as power supply inside. Passive tags reflect the carrier frequency including a code in modulated form, due to this, they have less data available. The allocation is carried out by software connected to the reading device. These tags are available in the form of cards, key rings, buttons or other forms and are relatively low priced. They have a low reading-range (10-40cm), show a rather high sensitivity against electromagnetic faults and, due to the fact that they work with a low frequency, the passing speed is also very low (4-7 km/h).

Microwaves-identification systems

This systems use microwaves in the range of 2,4GHz as carrier for information. A tag is activated by coming into the microwave coil and it reflects its stored data contents. Some tags have programmable data areas in addition to the fixed data contents. Microwaves-identification systems are newest technology and they are non-sensitive to interference of all cases, they catch large amounts of data and have reading distances up to 12m. Nowadays, tags that can be used for high environmental temperatures (like burn-in paint shops), high crossing speed up to 200 km/h (e.g. the identification of railways) or rough environmental conditions (Heavy Duty Tags) are available. The disadvantage of this technology is the limited durability of the tags and in the higher price, which is much more than that of a RFID-device.

We find the best solution

Being the system integrator, we use all types of identifcation systems.

Depending on concrete demands, we find the best solution for our customers and we select the optimal supplier. We use devices of well known manufacturers for barcode-, point code- and RFID-solutions. Moreover, we are sales representative of Tagmaster for microwaves systems. This is a partner with whom we have relayed many projects successfully. Even complex tasks like implementing of spread systems or the optimal positioning and configuration of microwaves systems we take over gladly.



EVN Wärme biomass plant Tulln

After the excellent results with VAS II in automated biomass plants Baden and Mödling we were also able to score in the course of the extension of the biomass plant Tulln. Our unmanned control concept, especially the fail-safe operation of our solution, the integration of the non-automated, small biomass plants in the overall solution as well as the easy to implement plant to plant functionality convinced the responsible decision-makers to further deepen the partnership with Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. Also the problem-free, tested connection to the ERP system (SAP) was a striking argument for this decision.



NEXTIRAONE: Truck-Identifckation and inventory

Very important for efficient economics in dispatching stations and service/repair departments for truck parking areas of large transport companies with several hundred of trucks is: a secured information about trucks available at area, because access to vehicles for new transport orders and service/repair jobs must be able just in time according the actual vehicle status.



WKU: Barriersystem ASZ
Additional to the new entrance-station for garbage deliveries also container- and other trucks must enter and leave this new garbage collection center. So we erected an independent entrance-exit-station with gates and an alarm system for these duties.


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