EVN Wärme GmbH invested a total of 10.7 million euros in the new biomass heating plant and the associated grid expansion. With an output of 8,500 kilowatts, this system delivers environmentally friendly natural heat for Guntramsdorf and the industrial center “IZ NÖ Süd”.

The flexible logistics control system BLS by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H has already been in use to full customer satisfaction in the automated biomass heating plants of Baden and Mödling, in the Tulln heating plant as well as in numerous non-automated, smaller heating plants and ensures failure-proof operation.

Networked sites, central evaluation & billing

The tried and tested self-service concept is also used in Guntramsdorf: the segment bridge scales are linked to a BLS control terminal, each individual delivery of the 30,000 total shunt volume meters to be expected annually is automatically weighed and assigned to the business case.

This connection to the logistics control system BLS of the EVN in Baden and Mödling is carried out with the BLS module "plant to plant": weighing and quality control of individual plants can be summarized to increase efficiency and evaluations or billing can be centralized.

Sample collection for calorific value determination

A separate biomass workplace, including drying oven and precision balance, ensures a secure sampling with calorific value determination for quality-related billing:
At each delivery samples are taken from different locations during the unloading, mixed and then placed in a prepared sample dish. This sample tray with barcode is clearly assigned to a business case using a scanner.

The data obtained from the subsequent calorific value determination are collected and analyzed according to various criteria, e.g. for each plant for the determination and optimization of the efficiency, but also for each customer / supplier for billing and quality determination.

More details about the logistics control system BLS with the industry module "Biomass"

EVN Wärme GmbH
The use of renewable energies has been of great importance for EVN, especially in the heat sector for many years. EVN now operates more than 60 biomass plants in Lower Austria, with partners from the agricultural and sawmilling industries. Approximately two-thirds of the municipal heating supplies are generated from biomass.
With an employment of around 1.5 million total shunt volume meters of wood chips, the EVN is the largest natural heat supplier from biomass in Austria.

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