Did you know that in Vienna alone there can be up to 265 waste vehicles on the roads?
They make trips to the incinerator in Vienna numerous times a day, every day.
Upon arrival, the trucks are automatically identified and weighed. This data is then sent off for evaluation. Data including the amount and type of waste, vehicle registration and vehicle type, as well as data for reporting is all sent “on the fly”.
Microwave tags are read for secure identification.

Currently, these products are offered by us mainly for vehicle identification of HGVs and carriages. Other areas for implementation worldwide include access and staff control systems. The areas of application for microwave identification systems are varied and are highly attractive due to their high range, the high potential pass speed, and their high availability.

Tags can also be used in car parks for access control and are currently mainly used to identify a single vehicle. In the future, we hope that systems will be available which can combine vehicle identification with personal identification. These new combination tags use a combination of traditional long waves as well as microwave technology.

As official OEM partner to TagMaster and primary representative for Austria, we have already been able to successfully implement a number of different projects.

Our partner
TagMaster is a leading provider of microwave identification systems. The products operate in the 2.4GHz frequency range and are therefore able to operate at pass speeds of up to 200 km/h, distances of up to 12m and in extreme conditions which are sensitive to interference factors.

Currently, the most popular area of application is in the field of train and underground train identification. TagMaster has enjoyed a great deal of success in this area and we have also seen an increase in demand for the product. This is predominantly due to the fact that TagMaster has developed heavy duty products for this area which can also be used in extreme conditions.

Both TagMaster and we ourselves as systems integrators are continuously optimising our products and systems.

New additions to our portfolio:
  • The Easy Access Kit 51 is an easy-to-install and simple-to-use comprehensive package for entry control. The package includes an LR-3 reader which is preinstalled for 50 ID tags, as well as 50 MeM Mark Tags with corresponding Winfix mountings.
  • The Easy Access Kit 102 which contains two LR-3 readers and 100 MeM Mark Tags with mountings.
  • The new design MeM Mark Tags as described above which are smaller than previous Mark Tags.
  • The MeM Mark Tags Duo which include recesses for traditional RFID tags and can therefore be used as a combo tag.
  • The new MaX Mark Tags which have been specially developed for permanent windscreen mounting.
  • The new control software for standalone solutions to enable simple identification and access rights management for cars, and HGVs on open premises or in car parks. This software is installed on a computer which enables simply management of user data, gate data and daily information.

    Furthermore, it is also possible to use this software to generate reports. The communication between the computer and the readers can work in both On- and Offline mode and is buffered at both sides to prevent data loss. This makes it possible to implement the software for various applications.
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