Because of this fact many companies wait and see how the situation further develops, so that they won’t have to adjust their systems for several times. So new acquisitions and automations are delayed for an indefinite period to wait for the final result.

It stands to reason, that many operators of plants look for new solutions since it can be considered as certain that changes and adjustments must be done.

Many take this as opportunity to renew and optimize the whole logistics department.
A boom concerning good solutions will occur once the transition period of all new regulations will end.

The EDM-regulation (electronic data management) is also a big matter for us, since we have to implement it for many of our regular customers. Hence we have developed and activated different solutions, which shall be integrated into the system in the future.

Due to many legal changes, we have abandoned actually introducing the system by now to be able to do the adjustment at our customer’s plants just once.

It stands to reason, that we, as turn key supplier of logistic control systems, will manage it, that our plants match with all legal regulations. Therefore, we explicitly declare with every new project that the EDM regulations will be fulfilled by us not only at this moment but also in its final version.
We believe that there is no reason for not using the many advantages of optimizing and automation with our VAS-II® system by now.

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