For this reason, the current barrier system in place at the WKU incinerator plant in Pfaffenau was replaced with 5 modern FAAC Series 620 “Rapid” barriers at the beginning of December.

Reduced waiting time

These 3m barriers have an opening time of approx. 3 seconds and are operated using an electro-hydraulic drive. These barriers make it possible to save more than 9 seconds in waiting time compared to traditional barriers which take approx. 12 seconds to open.

Increased safety

The barriers also serve to increase safety as some HGV drivers attempt to drive through the barriers before they are completely open (despite traffic light system and signal lights) which has led to the danger of the vehicle making contact with the barrier.
In addition, the new barriers have a swing feature which serves to prevent significant damage to the vehicle or barrier system in the event of a collision. If the barrier is moved out of its standard position, the incident is reported to the porters at the barrier control station and entered into the maintenance system so that staff can respond accordingly.

The FAAC barrier system is comprised of a barrier column containing the drive and control system, the desired barrier and mounting, as well as optional features such as a light barrier, an induction loop and signal lights. A particular feature of the BLD 624 barrier control system is the three-tier personalised configuration setup which allows operators to set up the system optimally according to their individual requirements.

Settings which can be personalised include the control system (only open, open/close, with and without stop, with emergency stop, etc.) as well as additional features (for example two possible induction loops as an additional function or safety features). In addition, the four exits can be programmed with 18 different functions to exchange signals/status reports with other control systems/areas of the plant.

The installation and configuration of the 5 barriers took place over two days and was completed with the handover of the system by a civil engineer who created a handbook for each of the barriers.

The barriers are now an integral part of the access and gate control system in Pfaffenau and have been integrated as an optional feature in our logistic control system VAS-II®. The barriers can be controlled and monitored fully automatically by the logistic control system which processes access rights and manages the contactless identification of vehicles entering/leaving the plan, via the Siemens Touch control panel in the porter’s lodge and maintenance department and also via the network connection between the Fernwärme Wien plant in Simmering and the plant in Pfaffenau.

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