Access control systems ensure well-regulated and traceable access to the operating area of ​​vehicles and people.

For an industrial environment

BERTHOLD access control systems are designed for people and vehicles in an industrial environment. They are used in employee parking lots, in company areas with heavy traffic or in other automated accesses where the authorization is to be checked.

Controlled and traceable access is an essential part of security on the company premises.

Access controls for weighbridges

Coordination of use is particularly important when entering the factory via weighbridges. Barrier systems and traffic lights with safety devices guarantee that vehicle weighing is carried out correctly.

The access authorization is checked by a suitable identification system that is connected to a database system. Drivers who are not authorized to access can contact the doorman or the factory security via an intercom.

Control of barriers and gates

Barriers and gates can be controlled fully automatically or via operator stations. With a small number of barriers or gates, control via a console with push button / LED or push button panel is recommended.

With a large number, touchscreen panels are recommended, which can also provide a graphic overview of the arrangement of barriers, gate and traffic light states or induction loops.

The control is modular and decentralized, and the number of barriers and gates can be expanded as required. The stations can be set up where they are best used and are connected to the access control center via a network or bus system.

Integrated intercoms and door openers

In combination with an intercom system, truck drivers can be helped quickly in the event of ambiguities or problems.

Existing microphone units can also be integrated and even switching outputs for gates, barriers and doors is possible.