BLS supports all common identification media as standard. Both barcode and dotcode scanners as well as RFID systems can be installed directly in the cabinet and are positioned so that trucks and drivers can be identified easily and without errors.

Camera and UHF identifications can also be integrated directly at the terminals, which enables us to respond individually to the individual need.

Identification is carried out safely, easily and quickly.

All ID requirements can be covered

Regardless of whether you have recurring vehicles or a high fluctuation: we offer you the ideal identification system for your process.

UHF identification

These identification systems are characterized by a reading distance of several meters. The advantage of this variant is the secure, remote installation, as well as the absolutely automatic identification, without the driver having to hold a transponder or a code to a reader. The possibility of fixed installation of tags means that swapping or forgetting the identification medium is practically impossible.

Optical license plate recognition

This variant takes advantage of the fact that each vehicle has a unique number plate.
A special infrared camera with suitable filters is triggerd and detects a video stream. An evaluation software located behind it detects the license plate number and evaluates the result from several images. Using special software, the license plate is then made available in plain text for further processing.

RFID reading system with transponder

This system is based on relatively low-frequency radio waves. Inexpensive readers are available on the market for these frequencies, but only small reading distances of around 15-20cm can be achieved without large special antennas.
However, the transponders (“chips”) are available in a great number of designs (key rings, buttons, cards, etc.). Thanks to the uniform specification according to IEC 14443, a large number of products and transponders for almost all areas of application are inexpensively available on the market.
There are also suitable devices for this system to issue and collect reusable cards, so there is no waste. Card dispensers can issue season tickets or circulation cards for single use.

Barcodes, dotcodes

Barcodes and dotcodes can be produced quickly and easily and read with relatively inexpensive devices. Permanently assigned barcode cards in credit card format can be produced for returning vehicles.
A big advantage is that barcodes (1D as well as 2D codes) can be easily generated and then sent automatically by email, as a PDF or directly to a smartphone. In this way, accompanying documents can be generated for the driver, with the help of which he is allocated the correct business case with 100% security.