The tasks for the BLS module “parking lot management” are diverse. Every plant and every company represents a characteristic in terms of delivery logistics:
Many plant structures have grown over time, tasks have changed and each plant should handle a wide variety of workloads optimally and economically.

The “Parking Lot Management” module from BERTHOLD provides a tailor-made answer for individual plant situations with regard to optimized waiting zone management for trucks.

Recurring core tasks of parking lot management can be found in the

  • Creation of upstream, managed registration areas
  • Economic use of loading and unloading stations
  • Increase in plant safety
  • Process-optimized sequence of loading / unloading
  • Optimized use of the in-house waiting areas

Depending on the location and requirements, there are individual solutions for optimal use of the truck waiting times.

With its cross-sector module “Parking Lot Management”, BERTHOLD offers individual solutions for optimized registration processes that take the local situation into account and fully utilize its potential.

Depending on the objective, we configure the BLS parking lot management with upstream registration or a registration directly on the scale(s) or on internal / external parking spaces, but always taking into account the optimization of internal processes.