The calorific value determination begins with the identification of the barcode and a weighing of the sample dish on a precision balance with interface included in the system. This scale weighs the sample dish with an accuracy of 0.01 grams and stores the value for the business case in the database.

Each delivery can be recorded in quantity and quality with BLS. And be charged accordingly.

After the samples have been weighed, they are placed in a drying cabinet for a defined time. Therefore, the sample dishes are made of metal and have a heat-resistant barcode. After the drying time has elapsed, the sample dishes are removed from the oven, put back on the precision balance, the barcode is scanned and the associated dry weight for the business case is saved in the database.

With the help of an approved formula, the calorific value for the delivered material of this business case is now determined.

This data is collected evaluated and according to various criteria, e.g. for each plant to determine and optimize efficiency, but also for each customer / supplier for billing and quality determination.

This also enables an actually quality-related billing.