This data must be sent on a regular basis in a precise form specified by the government.

Baptism of fire for the EDM module

For this reason, EDM reporting was integrated into the Rudolf Berthold G.m.b.H shipping automation system VAS-II in 2009/10.

Reporting of new and previous data should be carried out simply and speedily, without additional working processes, and above all correctly.
The above-mentioned deadline was therefore a baptism of fire for the systems installed with our customers EVN Abfallverwertung Dürnrohr and Fernwärme Wien with plants in Spittelau, Simmering, Pfaffenau and Flötzersteig.

Mission accomplished

All waste data was sent to the authorities completely, on time and in a form which conformed to the legal requirements.

The EDM module in our shipping automation system VAS-II has therefore successfully passed the test and our customers can consider their task successfully completed.

We are particularly pleased that we have been able to complete our constructive teamwork with our customers to their full satisfaction and that extensive date sheets could be transferred to the authorities within a short time without significant problems.

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