The scheduling tool of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is a web-based software solution for logging, planning, confirmation and booking of deliveries. The cross-industry module is particularly suitable for deliveries of bulk solids, bulk units and supplies in containers.

"The aim of the newly developed module was to simplify the planning for BLS users and their customers," explains Joachim Berthold, CEO of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H and continues: "At the Simmeringer Haide site, a customized version of the scheduling tool has already been put into operation successfully in February 2016. The benefits and advantages can clearly be seen there. "

3,000 delivery notes per month

Only in the special waste treatment plant "Simmeringer Haide" up to 3,000 delivery notes for delivery and shipping accumulate monthly. This high frequency is in large part achieved by recurring business partners.

Previously deliveries were announced by phone or by means of different media such as Excel spreadsheets or emails. Now all business partners have an easy-to-use tool at their disposal, which benefits all parties.

Web-based software solution

On request, recurring delivery business partners get immediate access to the scheduling tool of Wien Energie. In a user-friendly administration area all planned deliveries can be registered with all the necessary details.


If framework agreements have previously been agreed, they are already stored in the system and the deliveries can be assigned immediately. A calendar function, weekly schedule overviews and numerous filter and sorting options and other selected features ensure an exceptionally high usability and system acceptance.
In a separate download area several useful documents as well as reports are centrally available.

Simplified communication

All enlisted registrations are clearly disposable for further processing in the dispatcher portal of Wien Energie’s scheduling tool.

In this way the planned deliveries can quickly be adjusted to the internal plant processes of Wien Energie. Any necessary clarifications with the delivering companies are carried out directly via the scheduling tool and usually do not require any further communication media.

Also, the entire verification process is handled by the scheduling tool: Confirmed registrations are passed on directly as scheduling to the logistics control system BLS. This also ensures a consistent documentation of the business case, starting with the delivery.


By corresponding status messages, the employees of Wien Energie but also the employees of the business partners are continuously kept up to date.

Through the scheduling tool, Wien Energie and its business partners benefit from

  • simplified communication
  • rapid clarification between recipients and business partners
  • clear scheduling and control of deliveries
  • reduction of duplication

"With the scheduling tool, our customers have an extremely effective feature to increase efficiency in the disposition at their disposal. As a module of our logistics control system BLS, it extends our possibilities to meet different customer requirements with tailored solutions. " summarizes Joachim Berthold and offers all interested parties a non-binding presentation of the scheduling tool.

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