Free-standing cabinet for interior and exterior use

The terminal is designed for exposed installation outdoors.

The vandal-resistant, angled touchscreen allows optimal operation. The roughly 2 meter high, double-walled cabinet is entirely powder coated, and can be equipped with an optional, fully integrated climate control system so that it can be used outdoors.

All necessary elements from the touchscreen to the IT systems for the scale and identifi cation as well as the intercom and interfaces to everything including the printer are all included in the self-service terminal. The cabinet is completely sealed, so it can also be used under the most adverse environmental conditions.

All devices, systems and operating elements can be accessed from the front, which allows the terminal to be installed anywhere and which ensures easy maintenance.
A wide range of additional options allows for tailored confi gurations for any imaginable process-oriented shipping logistics application.

Wall cabinet for interior use

This system cabinet is an ideal alternative for operating and information terminals in halls and containers.

This cabinet is especially a low-cost alternative for protected loading and unloading stations. While it is roughly half as high and half as deep as the free-standing cabinet, the wall cabinet offers the same wide range of functions as its “big brother”. The only functions that are not included are the printer and climate-control system.
The modular design allows for flexible, individual solutions and high efficiency with this solution as well.

The self-service terminal allows 24-hour operation.

Secure and error-free self-service loading and unloading

The BLS terminal allows error-free self-service loading and unloading, thereby ensuring smooth operation 24 hours a day. It is very simple to use, is available in multiple languages, and most steps are depicted visually in the operating interface.

Security is a top priority for all BLS self-service terminals. The integrated scale and the 15-inch touchscreen are installed behind vandal-resistant safety glass.


BLS supports all common identifi cation systems from the factory. Barcode scanners and RFID systems can be installed directly in the cabinet and are located so that the lorry and driver can be identifi ed simply and correctly.
Camera and microwave identification systems can also be installed directly in the terminals and situated in accordance with the specific needs of the application.

On-board printer (option)

The driver can be issued all delivery documents directly at the self-service terminal without having to leave the vehicle:

This not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also saves time, as the driver does not have to go somewhere to collect the papers he needs. An additional paper tray can be used for completing different pre-printed forms, or to include a logo on the printouts. A cover protects the printer against unauthorized manipulation (such as taking it offl ine).

Scale integration and traffic guidance system (option)

The weighing-indicator unit is installed in the terminal behind glass to protect your company against manipulation: The users see the weight and the calibration stickers, but cannot manipulate the device through the glass cover.
A traffic guidance system can also be integrated: Sensors and system states are used to control barriers and traffic signal systems in the plant so that lorries can be sent through as quickly as possible.

Video system (option)

To optimally ensure the security of the system, a video system can be installed in the self-service terminals. On the one hand, this provides for the documentation of the correct position as required by EU calibration law, and also provides effective protection against vandalism and soiling. Two cameras monitor the system by default, but additional cameras can of course be integrated at any time for further monitoring.

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