News from the Berthold Team

For some employees, 2015 was a particularly exciting year, and so we were able to congratulate on numerous occasions:

Daniel Kerekes, BA, who newly joined our sales team in 2015, celebrated his wedding on June 12th 2015 and the birth of his daughter Sofia Catharina on Aug. 27th 2015.

Joachim Berthold, MAS, is not only new managing director, but happily married since Aug. 22nd 2015. (picture 2)

Ing. Martin Grill, responsible for the management and support of the project team, got married on the Sept. 5th 2015. (picture 3)

We share Ing. Sandro Aschenbrenner’s happiness, employee of our software development, about the birth of his boy Cillian on Jan. 23rd 2015

One usually does not talk about the age of women, but on a special birthday, moreover a 30th, one can make an exception. That is why we want to warmly congratulate our software developer Ing. Daniela Prenner.

EDP up-to-date

The Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H only offers solutions for their customers, whose technology is at the cutting edge. This, however, can only develop if the own "tools" are up to date.

That is why we have invested in quality upgrades of hardware and software. All areas, such as power server, NAS system, Windows server and firewall are now up to date. We also have invested in a new access system with safety levels and a backup for internet access.

For our customers this means the highest support and failure security, a new environment for testing and the highest security for sensitive customer data. The successful migration of the system is an important part in order to be able to deliver projects of the highest quality, but this includes the reliable support of internal EDP and the ongoing maintenance. For this, a new and highly professional partner was found with the SanData IT group.

ISO Audit

For the purposes of our consciously very highly set quality standards, we took an extensive recertification audit according to ISO 9001:2008 on 25th Nov. 2015. The switch to the new standard ISO 9001:2015 will be our program for the next two years.

This year our biggest quality objective was the organizational adaptation of the succession plan, creating the necessary framework and the right way of communication for this. Other objectives were further qualifications through training, the establishment of a new sales structure, as well as the quality assurance by means of a new EDP concept.

The feedback from the employee survey was quite positive; particularly the teamwork and cooperation were praised. In addition, for the employees by their own account, customer satisfaction is in the first place (1.0). This service attitude is essential for us, and therefore a very positive result.

In the customer survey, the results to all questions ranged from 1.19 to 1.7. The overall average was 1.427. This is very positive and we are very pleased. Of course, there is always space for improvement. The lever is to be recognized in the special customer care.

It is particularly pleasing that we have received the best ratings (1.19) in the two questions, whether our customers recommend us and whether they would handle more projects with us. This agreement is an exceptional honor and a sign that our efforts and our quality path are worthwhile.

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