The Logistics Control System BLS is known for its high flexibility and configurability.
This also allows us to offer economical solutions for automated, semi-automated, or at least supported processing of not previously scheduled vehicles and for an increase in plant safety, such as for

  • courier services
  • deliveries with private vehicles
  • repair services
  • visitors
  • employees
  • individual commercial deliveries

Two practice examples:

Private deliveries at the recycling center Sturzgasse / Graz

The collection center is also the central point for commercial and residential waste and has recently been equipped with the logistics control system BLS.

In the course of this project, private deliveries can also be handled automatically, thanks to the freely configurable processes of BLS: these vehicles therefore receive their own entry and exit, including scales, license plate recognition, ticket system and automated billing.

Even the cash machine is fully integrated into the logistics control system. Therefore, all business transactions are displayed with ONE software in ONE database. A task that once again proves the flexibility of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

Security control at Wien Energie

Several years ago, the high safety standards have induced Wien Energie to install an access control system for the plant Spittelau:
In addition to the delivery vehicles, now also vehicle data from suppliers and visitors is recorded using automated number plate recognition and imaging via digital video systems.

In addition, the number of individuals in the vehicle is captured. This ensures maximum safety in the event of danger, such as a required evacuation: The number of people and vehicles at the plant site is available at all times in an alarm case. All incoming vehicles are again “signed off” on exiting the plant.

Note: Data protection is an essential part of the safety concept: Maximum safety in the IT environment ensures maximum data security.

Likewise, data from visitors cars – no personal data are collected – is only stored for the duration of the stay at the factory premises and automatically deleted when leaving.

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