A successful year

As managing director, I am now in my third year in office and I can look forward to a very successful time. First and foremost, the laurels for this beautiful success are due to the great team of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H and I am proud to be able to build on such a dedicated team.

In addition, with BLS we have a top system that many customers have been waiting for. Finally, the economy also enjoyed a long positive upswing, which we were able to make good use of. The forecasts are now being slightly reduced, but in my opinion growth is far from over.

Our occupancy rate was higher than ever during the entire year. And we received many requests for very interesting projects for the coming year.

We also took this into account and hired three new employees at the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, our decision for these three candidates has been confirmed by their development. After intensive training they are now a real reinforcement for the team.

This should enable us to be able to implement your projects even faster and better and we are looking forward to the realization of numerous ideas.


Ideas and projects

One of these new ideas this year was a yard system (call system with entry automation) for a big well-known grocer. Among the many projects for our regular customers was the joint realization of a new drying process for ultrafiltration plants with WTG Water Treatment.

However, our main area is and remains our Logistics Control System or Yard Management System BLS. As reported, we could implement our system BLS at IWB (Basel / Switzerland) and Wittekind (Erwitte / Germany). Both projects were very different and turned out to be more complex than expected. In addition, some delays / shifts demanded our flexibility, but together with our customers we found the best solutions in partnership.


In addition to these two main projects, we reworked our front ends with great success. The new HTML5 version of BLS offers not only a better performance but also many other advantages in practice. The first projects have already been completely implemented with HTML5 and now only a few customer-related adjustments are missing. Probably we can change all maintenance customers completely free of charge already next year, because future security is very important to us.

We are constantly testing and improving our system. In the extremely innovative family business Baumit from Waldegg we also found another strong customer and partner with whom we work on new ideas and various developments.

The separation of W&P and Baumit, which went through the media, creates the opportunity to create independent BLS systems on both sides. These are tailored to the individual needs of each company.

While I am writing these lines here, the first own systems for Baumit are being installed at the locations in Wietersdorf, Peggau and Klagenfurt and a separation of the two system landscapes has been carried out. This project was and is unique and very exciting due to the requirements and the composition.
We could advise and support both companies who also approached us openly and fairly. Of course, we will continue to serve both customers as a competent partner and are looking forward to many more years of cooperation.

Quality management

The assurance of the high quality of our company and our systems is always close to my heart. That’s why we switched to the new ISO 9008: 2015 standard and tried to improve it further. We also added external specialists. These bring with them a view from the outside and new know-how.

Our quality management system has become more modern and leaner. We will continue to work on this for the next few years and thus remain true to our commitment as a quality provider.


Next year we also have a lot in mind. In addition to new project inquiries, the roll-out of our HTML5 version and the additional increase in quality, I can already forecast that you will have many new things to discover next year. Especially with BLS!
You can look forward to some new features, but also to many small tweaks and finally to some innovations in terms of hardware. More on this in due time.

Thanks, and all the best!

Now I can only thank my brilliant team for staying under extreme load, for the exemplary commitment and the great performance. But together with this team I also say thank you to our suppliers, our partners and of course to our customers.

The entire team wishes you, your family and your loved ones a merry and happy holiday, hopefully a little rest and relaxation as well as a healthy and successful New Year 2019!
Joachim Berthold, MAS
Managing Director


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