Small issues can cause immense extra costs

Thousands of tons of waste are delivered to the Fernwärme Wien plant in Simmering every day. This can always lead to quality issues in practice:

Erroneous declarations such as construction materials mixed with metal pipes, or seepage barrels and glass bottles, require particular attention. This demands enormous additional effort and therefore creates additional costs.
Correct documentation of the state of the product at delivery has always been problematic until now.

An app can offer the solution and save costs

A simple smartphone equipped with an app produced by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. now makes it possible to quickly document products and their states directly at the plant entrance.

The required working steps are simple:

  • Select the relevant delivery on the smartphone
  • Take a photo or record a video of the state of the HGV load
  • The relevant business case is saved and stored automatically.

As a consequence, the delivery state of each business case is available from the database at any time. Any additional costs arising can therefore be applied and invoiced accordingly.

Secure data connection

The data connection from the smartphone to the server is made using a VPN internet connection. This ensures the highest-possible level of security during data transfer and the highest-possible level of flexibility in the creation of photos and videos as there is no limit to the transfer distance (as is the case with a WLAN connection).

We will gladly create apps for your company to help you reduce costs.

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