The tasks for the BLS module “parking management” are manifold. Each business and each company has its own characteristics in relation to delivery logistics: Many business structures have grown over time, tasks have changed and every plant should handle different workloads as efficiently and economically as possible.

For this purpose, the module “parking management” of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H provides a customized solution for individual plant situations regarding optimized management of waiting areas for trucks.

Recurring core responsibilities for parking management can be found in

  • the creation of managed upstream registration areas
  • the optimization of time management
  • the economical utilization of loading and unloading stations
  • increased plant safety
  • process-optimized loading / unloading sequences
  • the optimization of the use of plant-internal waiting areas
  • better planning of long-haul traffic
  • the reduction of down time inside or outside the factory premises

Rudolf Berthold offers with its cross-sector module “parking management” individual solutions for optimized registration processes that adapt to the local conditions and exploit their potential fully.

Depending on the objective, we configure the BLS parking management with upstream registration, a registration directly on the balance(s) or internal / external parking spaces, but always taking into account the optimization of plant-internal processes.

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