"If we are looking for new solutions, we always pay attention to the best possible flexibility, future security, comprehensive integration and high professionalism. We want to continue to provide our customers with these benefits in the future, "explains CEO Joachim Berthold, MAS, why Swyx was chosen.

Swyx is a multi-award-winning, competent provider of communications solutions with more than 750,000 users across Europe. Since mid-2017, Swyx has also been one of the highly professional partners of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

Swyx offers one of the most advanced, most innovative IP communication solutions on the market.

Integrated into the logistics control system BLS

The users of BLS benefit from the integration of Swyx several times:
Swyx can be installed on a virtual server in the existing BLS hardware centre. The classic telephone system, or an additional plug-in into the BLS hardware centre, is therefore superfluous.

All required communication functions are carried out over the existing IP network, which, in addition to known telephone services, offers all the advantages of integrated, unified communication. On request, the entire communication of a company can be bundled in one user interface.

Because Swyx is fully powered over the network and virtual servers, it is a perfect complement to BLS, where all the necessary requirements such as network cabling with managed switches and virtual servers are already available.

Also suitable for BLS -intercom systems and door openers

"BLS allows users at any time to display the screen of the BLS self-service terminal in parallel on their own operator station and to make their own inputs. In combination with an intercom system, truck drivers at the self-service terminal can be helped quickly in case of uncertainties or problems.

Swyx helps us to integrate and configure these intercom systems simply and uncomplicated. "Thomas Braun, responsible project manager at Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H, is impressed by the versatility of Swyx.


Beyond the numerous configuration possibilities of Swyx, the advantage is also in the cabling. In the case of a conventional analogue or digital intercom system, a 2-wire or 4-wire line is required, which must be laid in a star shape. With Swyx, the existing network connection can be used, which can be distributed and extended via the network switch.

Existing analogue intercom stations can also be integrated into Swyx and even switching outputs for barriers, gates and doors is possible.

Mobile Apps

Swyx offers mobile apps for smartphones or tablets to communicate with each other. Thus, for example, forklift drivers, check weight men, dispatchers and drivers can communicate quickly and easily without having to go to the next stationary intercom terminal or to use one at all.

Flexible and future-proof

The software approach and the easy expandability of Swyx enable users to be equipped not only for all today’s but also for all future communication requirements.

An extension is possible at any time. The Swyx license, as well as the BLS license, can be extended as required.

All relevant desktop platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Apple, MacOS as well as Smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems are supported by Swyx.

PC client can be integrated

In addition to physical consoles and telephones, desktop clients can also be installed, which form a small command centre. Here, speed dials, redirects and conference calls can be set up and started.

Stand-alone telephone solutions: Cost-effective and individual

The Swyx system can also be used as a stand-alone telephone system or connected to an existing telephone system.

The advantages of the system can be fully exploited even in the smallest systems, starting with just one console. The flexibility allows the self-administrable system to be extended. The price or the purchase no longer depends on a minimum number of participants.

As a certified Swyx partner, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H also converted the in-house telephone system and uses it for demo and test purposes.

"From now on, we are also available for advice on communication solutions with our know-how. Just contact us! "- an offer that Joachim Berthold would like to offer to his customers, but also to other interested parties.



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