Two specialists combine their know-how

Together the two companies realize innovative solutions in the field of water treatment. This powerful collaboration will mainly benefit global manufacturers and users of treatment plants for drinking, industrial and waste water.

Especially in the field of ultrafiltration both specialists offer optimized systems. Already today well-known manufacturers of banknote printing presses are using the innovative technology for the treatment of wiping alkalis and rely on the know-how and experience of these cooperating professionals.

The partners

The Water Treatment GmbH (WTG) with headquarters in Wr. Neustadt / Austria, bundles as a general contractor specialized and innovative engineers with decades of experience amongst others in the field of plant engineering. The core competence is both in the planning, engineering, execution and implementation as well as the site supervision and project management of complete treatment plants.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. has been dealing with optimized control technology for wiping solution purification equipment for banknote printing works for a long time. The automation specialist is present at the whole electrical measurement, control and regulation technology share along with visualization, from engineering and manufacturing to start-up on site.

Active worldwide

"Our highly specialized technicians put treatment plants into operation all over the world. Even in remote countries and areas where there is a lack of the usual infrastructure. Here it is necessary to provide high quality work in advance and to fully test before delivery, "says Joachim Berthold, Sales Director of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

"Because as the system is sent only once, malfunction during start-up would mean enormous effort in resolving. Only our experience allows us to economically implement and control projects in remote areas. We have the necessary knowledge for this and Know-how. "

Mr. Marc Pichler, engineer, says in relation to this topic: "We need to ensure the most rapid and smooth flow of start-ups around the world and here appreciate the professionalism of the Berthold company."

Numerous successfully completed projects worldwide, as well as Europe, Africa and Asia confirm these statements.

Close cooperation for the benefit of customers

Christian Hauser, engineer at Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. and responsible for project execution:
"The close cooperation with the staff of WTG runs through the whole project. Requests by flow sheet allow us a rapid and targeted accurate offer on our overall scope of supply such as: control technology, visualization, distributor engineering, computer equipment and, of course, all services from engineering to management and start-up.
The good communication, our experience and, ultimately, the precise definition of the task help us in project management and engineering. Everyone knows immediately what to do; each project is handled focused and in a proper way. "

"A cost-effective implementation with 100% customer satisfaction would be unthinkable in another way," adds Joachim Berthold and carries on to explain: "We test the complete structure with visualization extensively in advance with WTG at our site, and deliver exclusively with complete documentation. Thus, a rapid assembly on the customer’s site is guaranteed. The facilities will be assembled by WTG and put into operation together. They are handed over ready-made then, while also start-up and acceptance always run to the complete satisfaction of the end customer. "

Finally Mr. Marc Pichler, engineer, summarizes as follows: "The cooperation with the Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. is truly a partnership and the projects are handled from start to finish hand-in-hand. A functioning facility and ideal solution for the customer, so that they are satisfied, has always been important for both companies. "

Additional information, such as possible treatment and filtration systems, the technology used, and much more, you can get at Water Treatment GmbH, Mr. Marc Pichler, engineer,or at Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H, Mr. Joachim Berthold.

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