The combination of waste recycling using a wood-fired CHP plant, as well as a gas and vapour combination plant is a pioneer project in the whole of Switzerland.
The Forsthaus energy centre recycles waste (refuse) and wood from the region, as well as natural gas, and produces energy in the form of district heating, electricity and steam.

The plant is being built and operated by Energie Wasser Bern (EWB).

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. will supply the complete logistics automation system for this ground-breaking plant. Numerous reference projects with similar scope convinced EWB of the high-quality logistical solutions from Austria.

Turnkey holistic solutions

As a specialist and competent partner for logistics solutions, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H has made its experience available from the very start of the project and will deliver a holistic turnkey solution.

As 100% customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the project, we will be supporting the project in its entirety, ranging from engineering and implementation right through to the handover of the completed system and beyond.

In addition to the head office, office equipment, manual operation terminals and the software, the Forsthaus energy centre also includes the complete weighing system, access control, a digital intercom system, as well as all interfaces.
As a consequence, EWB has a partner for all of these areas and the complete system is within the area of responsibility of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H

Entry to the energy centre

The Rudolf Berthold System (RBS) begins with the entry system to the plant site and monitors the identity of vehicles throughout the entire process chain.

After the main gate, there is an entry system with identification and weighing system, digital intercom and barrier system.

The HGV weighing system consists of two parts (composite scales). This enables towing vehicles and trailers to be weighed separately. Digital measurement cells also enable remote maintenance of the weighing system.

For identification purposes, municipal vehicles will be equipped with tags supplied by Tagmaster. This ensures prompt, contactless identification of vehicles from distances of a few meters.

The entry system will also be equipped with a barcode reader for deliveries of wood by non-regular customers in order to ensure identification and recording of all vehicles entering the plant.
The barrier and gate system can also be manually controlled by the guard where required.

The modern design of the HGV terminals reflects the ground-breaking concept of the entire energy centre.

Delivery of wood

The system records all deliveries and shipments. In addition to refuse and additional materials, the system also processes of deliveries of different wood qualities.

Data for the unloading of wood is recorded directly at the bunker using a dedicated terminal. Particular attention has been paid to the taking and allocation of samples.

In order to identify the heat value of the delivered biomass, a separate working space has been allocated which includes precision weighing systems and drying ovens. In addition, plans have been made to add an electronic quick-measurement system in the future which can be easily implemented into the existing system.

Central system infrastructure with high system stability

The core of the RBS system has a redundant structure and therefore guarantees the highest possible system stability. The primary task of the logistics system is to monitor master data, record orders and to monitor and record deliveries and shipments, as well as invoicing.

Thanks to numerous interfaces, the RBS system is also able to take on further important tasks which significantly simplify processes and guarantee security and operational efficiency:

  • Camera system
  • Provision of delivery data and bunker status for primary wood suppliers
  • Control technology
  • Electronic quick-measurement system for energy levels in delivered biomass
  • Checkout for electronic invoice processing in the case of cash payments
  • Financial accounting

Leaving the energy centre

Two lanes are available for leaving the energy centre:

  • 1. An exit equipped with a weighing system for final weighing, automatic issuing of accompanying documentation, digital intercom and barrier system
  • 2. A second lane with identification and barrier system
In addition to final weighing at the exit, it is also possible to generate any necessary delivery notes and accompanying documentation which can be given to the driver without any delay.

The exit without weighing system serves to process any vehicles which are processed with Tara weighting, provided that this information is stored in the master data.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is a proud partner to EWB

In particular

  1. The flexibility to the ability to expand upon the Rudolf Berthold System (RBS)
  2. The speed and ease-of-use of the system
  3. The experience, know-how and personal dedication in terms of planning of such logistics automation systems
  4. The high quality of processing and product selection
  5. The competent service and maintenance team with the option of a maintenance contract (24/7 hotline support with a guaranteed reaction time of four hours via remote maintenance)

represent the most-important criteria when deciding on a logistics automation partner. Rudolf Berthold has also been able to incorporate master data and other historical data from existing EWB systems into the new plant.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H would like to thank EWB for their trust and is proud to be a part of this pioneering project.

Further information

We will gladly provide planners and operators of power plants and energy centres with a personal information package about the project and our services on request.

Please contact us for a personal conversation about this topic.

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