Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H will show you how you have same time and money with your delivery logistics systems:

Get rid of half-hearted solutions …

A bridge weighing system and software for weighing – a “satisfactory” solution for many companies.
Quote: “We do the rest manually or via our own ERP system”.

In daily operations, however, this “satisfaction” among employees and often customers, too, is limited. Individual processes and applications in your company can often not or only partially be integrated using standard solutions.

… switch to flexible holistic solutions

The more process stages you cover in your logistics system, the more competitive your company will become.

On the one hand, these process stages are subject to constant changes, but on the other, it is essential to monitor investment costs.

Flexibility, prompt configuration and simple expandability are therefore the most-important attributes of a delivery automation system.

Here are some things to consider about your own delivery logistics systems:

Simplify your systems

Integrate the planning of collections and deliveries into your logistics system. The advantage of such a system, is that it enables you to process both, blanket and individual orders.

Freighters, customers and their employees will therefore be able to keep their vehicles and orders up to date via the internet quickly and easily.

This also enables non-signed drivers to safely and easily collect goods without requiring any further assistance and you can continuously adapt your warehouse/production processes to suit your requirements.

Automatic recording of HGVs

An important step in achieving efficient logistics automation is the automatic identification of vehicles before weighing. In doing so, the entire business case can be quickly and safely assigned.

Focus on minimal waiting times

Waiting times for collections or deliveries represent enormous cost factors for all parties.

Fast deliveries ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and serve to strengthen and maintain the position of your company on the market.
The average time taken from arrival to final weighing at the exit including creation of shipping documents can be reduced to a matter of minutes.

A fully-automated logistics system from our product portfolio can enable a reduction of waiting times by multiple hundred per cents compared to traditional systems.


Self-service and fully-automated processing including numerous checks not only simplifies operation but also almost completely eliminates errors and manipulation.

Restrictions on collection and delivery times can lead to delays and higher costs.

Permanent operation, however, enables business processing in the evening and even at night without delivery staff having to be present. The creation of delivery documents is automatic and takes virtually no time at all. These documents can be collected by the driver upon exit without leaving the vehicle.

For your company, this means larger volumes can be processed in less time which ensures the best-possible use of existing resources.

Quality control

Depending on the product, the delivery condition can have a significant impact on accounting (e.g. moisture content). The results of product analysis should be clearly assignable. Imaging carried out directly by the logistics system records all relevant data which can be recalled at any time for evaluation.

Simplify the processing of business cases

Avoid parallel solutions: all incoming and outgoing deliveries of half-finished and finished products, raw materials and energy sources, consumables and special materials should be processed by one system. Detailed, standardised traceability of all business cases ensures high quality and safety.

Continuous cost control

The most-effective cost control can only be achieved through complete, standardised representation of all material flow, as well as all influential factors.

Offers, order recording, dispatching, incoming and outgoing deliveries, weighing, identification, silo and container management, product analysis in the laboratory, operation and management all the way through to invoicing – all processes should be automated and integrated into one system to ensure transparency and cost certainty while, at the same time, ensuring the lowest-possible operating costs.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is your specialist for delivery automation systems and has more than 25 years of experience as a competent partner for numerous projects in the whole of Europe. 100% customer satisfaction is at the heart of our work.

We will gladly advise you in the analysis of your current delivery logistics systems.

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