The BLS logistics control system is a general system that completely covers the entire logistics process from the offer through the processing, invoicing and transfer to a financial accounting system including warehouse management in one system.
The best possible failure safety for this system has always been the top priority with Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

However, as different as the processes, work situations and tasks are to the logistics control system, the tasks of system redundancy are just as different.

The investment in data and failure security is, of course, also a matter of costs. Since the question of amortization differs depending on the company, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H offers different levels of redundancy.

Depending on the situation and the task situation, we respond with individual, precise solutions for our customers. In the design of the redundancy of our server centers, we follow the flexible approach:

NAS as standard

Each logistics management system of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is equipped with a NAS system as standard.
Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are client-independent storage media in the network that is designed for continuous operation. With multiple hard drives, NAS systems provide greater capacity, security, and speed. In the event of an error, a manual reboot of the system is usually sufficient and the data are available again in a very short time. This ensures a high level of data and failure security.

High Availability (HA)

By using two NAS systems, a high-availability system can be designed in conjunction with an additional power server, a network switch and an additional UPS. All important system components are therefore available redundantly. In the event of a failure, the other component is automatically switched over and the system is re-started.

High Performance (HP)

In the case of high amount of vehicles or goods, the performance of a logistics management system comes to the fore. High amounts of data are to be processed promptly, which on the one hand places a high demand on the performance of the entire system, but also on the performance of the redundancy. On the other hand, any standstill, and if only a few minutes, must be excluded.

This is achieved by using a SAN system instead of the standard NAS system:

SAN (Storage Area Networks) are designed for serial, continuous high-speed transmissions of large amounts of data. SAN allows multiple servers to be connected to multiple storage systems across a network.

In combination with an additional power server, network switch and an additional UPS, this type of redundancy provides the best possible performance.

High Availability & High Performance (HAHP)

Some plant situations or applications require high availability with exceptionally high data volume. In this case, the central control units are set up with 2 SAN systems by Rudolf Berthold Ges.mb.H, again in combination with power server, network switch and UPS.

This combination provides the best protection against data loss and standstill. In the event of a failure, an identical storage system with exactly the same status of the database is available. A reboot is not required, so an operation interrupt can be much lower.

Understanding security as a complete package

The high failure, function and operational reliability of logistics systems "made by" Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is not only created by sophisticated and proven hardware and software concepts including redundancy: the use of high-quality components from well-known manufacturers raises the degree of safety further upwards .

The support package provides additional security and completes our services. Depending on the application, we offer a maintenance contract:

  • Guaranteed reaction and repair times in the event of a fault
  • Hotline Support 24/7
  • annually two regular maintenances
  • Regular updates
  • Legally prescribed scale adjustments
  • Guaranteed spare parts inventory

In this way, we support our customers as best as possible so they can have a sustainable business operation in their companies. Without operation interruption or data loss.


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