EVN Dürnrohr: Fully automatic processing of 500,000 tons of waste / year

EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH operates one of the most modern thermal waste recycling plants in Dürnrohr. With a capacity of around 500,000 tons / year, the MVA Dürnrohr is the largest thermal waste treatment plant in Austria and one of the largest in Europe.

The VAS-II system, which has been running to EVN’s full satisfaction since the start of operations, was replaced in 2016 with all the individual additions and extensions that have been made over the years by the newly developed BLS logistics control system.

The web-based new development BLS maps the entire shipping process optimally and enables fully automated handling of all transport processes up to the billing.

Unique in the world logistics: In order to make the delivery of waste and operating materials and the removal of residual materials environmentally friendly, around 90% of the waste is delivered by rail. Likewise, almost all residues are removed by train.

The modular structure and flexibility ensure that the system can be quickly and easily adapted to the new situation in the event of possible changes or process expansions. The upgrade to the BLS logistics control system, which was carried out during full plant operation, raised the automated transport logistics at EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH to the highest level.

Secure container identification throughout the entire process chain, including at the autom. Crane system

Ready for the future with BLS

EVN Abfallverwertung GmbH relies on the BLS logistics control system, a consistent system that covers the entire logistics process from the offer through processing, to invoicing and transfer to a financial accounting system – completely covered in ONE SYSTEM, Warehouse management included.

  • Incl. railway coordination with interface to railway operator
  • Fully automatic processing
  • Universal system for the entire logistics process

    Smooth implementation

    Commissioning at the customer’s site took place in 2016. In the start-up phase, the well-trained users of EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH were also accompanied by our BLS support technicians.

    If necessary, competent support was immediately available. This time was also used to achieve further optimization through individual fine adjustments.

    Plant to plant module

    The logistics control system including the business management module of the associated waste collection point in Süßenbrunn was also taken into account when upgrading to BLS.

    All operations relevant to shipping and billing in Süßenbrunn can also be looked after directly by the recipient, in this case the MVA Dürnrohr, after the upgrade from plant to plant module.