HOLDING Graz: recycling center with the most modern recording and accounting system

The Sturzgasse recycling center is a full-service provider for waste disposal in Graz: The modern location serves as a central point of contact for municipal, commercial and private waste disposal.

After extensive planning work and quick implementation, one of the most modern collection and billing systems for waste disposal went into operation in the recycling center Sturzgasse / Graz in 2015: the logistics control system BLS.

With more than 1,000 delivery notes a day, this recycling center is one of the highest-throughput collection centers, each of which has been equipped with a logistics control system from BERTHOLD.

The enormous frequency, combined with the high number of internal manipulations, allow the BLS logistics control system to show all its strengths. The most diverse types of delivery and billing are no obstacle for BLS.

All requirements met with BLS

BLS was delivered as a turnkey complete system on the server, self-service terminals, client and the modular BLS software

With BLS, the Holding Graz company can count on an extremely fail-safe, sophisticated, state-of-the-art system.

From the economic point of view, existing components such as scales, identification, barriers and traffic lights were integrated.

Even private deliveries are possible thanks to freely configurable processes.

Integrated automatic cash register

Private deliveries are billed directly on site using the BLS logistics control system.

Robust technology

Durable and tamper-proof: the new BLS self-service terminals.

Together to success

The comprehensive planning and evaluation of all process details as well as the specification of the requirements carried out jointly by Holding Graz and BERTHOLD through the specification were essential components for the successful implementation of this demanding project.

Thanks to the high flexibility and free configurability, all requirements for trouble-free automation could be met with the new BLS logistics control system and implemented cost-effectively. A comprehensive redundancy concept with distributed hardware also ensures very high operational reliability.

  • More than 1,000 delivery notes per day
  • Seamless billing and documentation
  • Configurable evaluations
  • Turnkey logistics control system
  • Automatic processing – commercial and private
  • Automated EDM notification
  • Ongoing process optimization