Renergia has been one of the satisfied users of the BLS logistics control system from BERTHOLD since 2015. The tasks of system support by BERTHOLD include maintenance and support as well as regular software updates.

Software update brings Renergia to the latest technical level

At the end of September 2020, Renergia Zentralschweiz AG received an important software update for the BLS logistics control system. With numerous optimizations and improvements on board, this update stands for future security and increased efficiency:

  • addFuture-proof technology through HTML5
  • addNew design for increased usability
  • addMulti-tab browsing for clear work
  • addWeb-based for all common browsers
  • addScalable to all screen sizes
  • addMore options thanks to the storage of media data
  • addNumerous optimizations and improvements in functionality
    At BERTHOLD, value is placed on regular further development and maintenance of all components, including the software.

    Update as part of the maintenance contract

    Renergia received this update as part of the maintenance contract. Due to the scope of this modernization, the BERTHOLD technicians were also carried out directly on site, without any additional costs for Renergia.

    Maintenance contracts ensure a high level of reliability

    Like almost all BERTHOLD customers, Renergia relies on a comprehensive maintenance contract.

    This professional system support is particularly recommended when the automated handling of the transport logistics is system-relevant and therefore has to be protected against failure as well as possible.

    Rapid support in the event of damage and regular maintenance of hardware and software ensure a consistently high level of operational reliability and extend the life cycle of the system.

    This is why BERTHOLD offers the optimal package of service and support for the ongoing operation of the BLS logistics control system – right through to a full maintenance contract that covers all services and hardware costs.

    The following points form the core areas of such a maintenance contract and can be offered and fulfilled by BERTHOLD as standard:

    Software maintenance and update
    BERTHOLD takes over the continuous software maintenance for customers with maintenance contracts. Updates to successor versions are also included, which take place every two years. Software updates are prepared at BERTHOLD in-house, tested and then installed either via remote maintenance or, in the case of larger updates, on site. Additional, individually commissioned BLS software extensions can be implemented. The regular maintenance of the database via remote maintenance connection is also very important, whereby the system is optimized and checked at short intervals.
    Hotline support
    The BERTHOLD hotline support is available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. All support technicians can connect to the system via remote maintenance within a very short time and provide quick and unbureaucratic help.
    Regular maintenance
    Regular maintenance is scheduled once a year, during which the system is checked and parts that may become defective are identified in advance. Regular maintenance includes, among other things, measures to prevent or detect errors, as well as logging and the offer of corresponding repairs.
    Repair in the event of damage and spare parts inventory
    All on-site repairs, including travel expenses, are carried out by BERTHOLD within a guaranteed period of time at no additional cost. The price for the maintenance contract also includes all spare parts and their maintenance. An individual spare parts kit is put together and kept in stock so that damage can be repaired as quickly as possible.

    Further information on BERTHOLD maintenance contracts is available on request: Contact

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    Sophisticated technology + professional system support from BERTHOLD

    The BLS logistics control system from BERTHOLD is one of the most fail-safe systems on the market.
    If there were longer downtimes in automated handling of transport logistics, this would lead to massive restrictions in operation and even complete standstill.

    BERTHOLD always focuses on this fact in everything it does and therefore develops complete packages of technical solutions that are known for their operational safety and services that guarantee this safety over the years.

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