The first half of the year was characterized by great work intensity. But fortunately, I can rely on a strong team, so quality execution is assured.

High quality despite high utilization

Fortunately, we have a very high workload. Of course, this also faces us with special challenges because the existing capacities require high concentration and efficiency of the team to meet all requirements.

Despite our best efforts, we may regret that there may be slightly longer delivery and completion times. We’ll do our best and apologize if there’s a delay in your case.

High quality work, experience has shown that it takes the appropriate time. We also want to take this for every project.

But I want to prevent a possible misunderstanding: despite the excellent workload, we look forward to every other interesting project!

The perspectives are positive

If one believes the forecasts from our sales, which I do quite well, we can continue to count on positive prospects. That’s why we decided to grow healthily:

Not only our sales department got reinforcement, but also two very dedicated young technicians were hired. You can also read more about this in our blog post "Internal".

But I’m also looking forward to this year’s summer interns. We take their training very seriously and strive to give them a good insight into the world of work. If the utilization rate remains positive, we may need more junior technicians.

Projects, progress and innovation

For our regular customers, such as Abwasserverband Wiener Neustadt, Wien Energie, EVN and the food industry, we were able to implement many projects.

Specifically, we are pleased about the good progress in our project for IWB Basel, which we also present in this newsletter, as well as the development of our own call system for logistics centers. We will also inform you personally about details of both projects.

We worked intensively on the conversion of our logistics control system BLS to HTML5 and have incorporated some advantages in the course of this. To further optimize logistics, this changeover will be the basis for many more features and functions.

Also, we will take a closer look at our hardware. For this purpose, we have started our own development project for our self-service terminals.
Although our terminals are extremely well thought out and also incomparable and popular on the market, we are puzzling and thinking of "more": more possibilities, more benefits, more culumns.

We will report on our new column concept in a later newsletter issue. There we will also inform you about new plants and a new process that we were able to implement with our partner Water Treatment.

We also dealt with topics such as research & development, the new ISO9001: 2015, association activities (e.g. e-delivery note) as well as our internal competence development. They will also accompany us until the end of the year.

Like every company that I know, the DSGVO also kept us busy, and since 25.5.2018 our company meets these data protection requirements.

Outlook for the coming half-year

Good capacity utilization does not mean the end of the flagpole for us. We have the capacity to grow and to devote ourselves to new tasks. That’s why our ToDo list includes:

  • The execution and successful completion of ongoing projects
  • New developments for a new partner, as well as the first BLS installations for this partner. Details will be presented in a later newsletter
  • The administrative process for the provision of further framework conditions (ISO, DSVGO, advertising, FFG)

The acquisition of interesting projects for the future through an even more active presence of our sales department is another important concern for me.

Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to your inquiries, reactions and suggestions for improvement.

Best regards

Joachim Berthold
Managing Director


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