Wietersdorfer & Peggauer, headquartered in Klagenfurt / Austria, is a successful private company in the Austrian building materials industry. As part of the Baumit Group, w&p serves the international market with high-quality products in the fields of building materials, cement, concrete and lime.

At the administrative center in Klagenfurt, the threads of a major tool run together, that has served w&p for almost 25 years: the logistics control system of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

Numerous w&p sites within Austria such as Wietersdorf, Peggau, Eberstein, Klagenfurt as well as the Sirac / HRV and Rakovica / BIH plants are integrated into the logistics control system and networked through the "plant-to-plant" function. Deliveries and pick-ups can thus be handled 24/7 at these locations, even without the presence of the shipping personnel.


Until recently w&p used the process-executing system VAS-II, which automates, in addition to automated shipping logistics with self-service and weighing, also silo handling and further process steps, thus ensuring economical work:

Innovative functions like laboratory with recipe management, container handling, production planning (data from orders are transferred automatically to the production control for the planning), production controls, batch management, quality management, visualization systems and much more are part of the modular logistics control system.

State-of-the-art technology thanks to upgrade to BLS

By now upgrading to the modular and highly flexible logistics control system BLS at all locations, w&p continues to follow its principles: technological advancement and ongoing modernization of the sites.
All the tasks, which had originally been taken over by VAS-II, are now handled with the flexible complete system BLS. Likewise, all extensions added over the years are now an integral part of the modular logistics control system BLS. Furthermore, w&p can now also make use of the EDM module, which ensures the complete documentation of w&p waste management at all sites involved.


Fault-free change-over despite extensive project

Thanks to precise and detailed planning, the upgrade from VAS-II to BLS was done quickly and without problems, despite different situations in the individual plants as well as the extensive functionalities, which were partially implemented over the years.

  • In 2016, all hardware components were rechecked for re-usability and were only renewed if this was necessary for reasons of functionality, reasons of failure or the availability of spare parts.
  • At the beginning of 2017, the preconfigured and tested BLS software was successfully set up on the hardware and the system put into operation.
The upgrade to BLS ensures that w&p can continue to use the full potential of a highly efficient, automated logistics control system in the coming years in order to further secure the high quality requirements and the desired customer orientation.

Extensive logistics control system BLS in use

Innovative modules for the building materials industry also turn BLS into a powerful tool at Wieterdorfer & Peggauer:

Production planning system

The production planning and control system enables networking and optimization of all areas of the company. The central recording and control of the areas of production planning, production control and warehouse level also ensure optimum security in the traceability of all components within the production process.

Processes are controlled by orders and dispositions, while adhering to the production regulations and recipes. The feedback from the processes, the operating data, the batch data as well as the fault messages supplement and complete the production process.

Module waste management including EDM notification

The logistics guidance system BLS also meets the requirements for complete documentation by means of the EDM guideline which has to be adhered to, with automated reporting to the authority.

Silo and container management with accessories

BLS controls and documents the complete delivery logistics and also manages container and installation silos. All set-up, return, refill or change-over procedures are planned, monitored and documented completely.

"Plant to plant" – networked production sites

The BLS logistics control system connects several production plants through the "plant-to-plant" module: weighing and quality controls are combined to increase efficiency through all plants and centralized data analysis and invoicing. All operations can be executed by authorized BLS users of a plant in all other integrated plants.

Multi-client capable

Different companies such as w&p Zement GmbH, w&p Baustoffe GmbH and w&p Kalk GmbH are also managed as individual companies in the logistics control system BLS. All data are clearly assigned to the respective client.

Maintenance contract with remote maintenance connection

The smooth operation is secured at all locations with a maintenance contract. Not only regular preventive maintenance is carried out, but assistance is provided as soon as possible and repairs are carried out in a guaranteed reaction time.

In addition, a 24 hour / 7 day hotline support is available. Remote maintenance makes it possible to connect directly to the desired subscriber (server, workstation or self-service terminal). In this way, the customer receives quick support no matter at which plant.



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