The BLS logistics control system was officially handed over to Limeco at the end of September 2020: The project was planned and implemented by BERTHOLD in record time. Nevertheless, the project was carried out in the usual high quality.

As reported, Limeco, as a regional plant in the Limmattal / CH, invested in a modern BLS logistics control system from BERTHOLD.

From the award of the order at the end of March 2020 to the handover to trial operation at the beginning of July 2020, just 3 months passed – such a tight schedule is record time even for BERTHOLD. Even with projects that are implemented so quickly, no quality assurance project step is omitted.

After the Limeco factory acceptance test at BERTHOLD in Pottendorf, all components were dispatched and delivered to the regional factory in Dietikon in the Swiss Limmat Valley.

Installation, commissioning

Equipped with BLS in record time: Limeco in the Swiss Limmat Valley

Thanks to the pre-tested system and the timely preparations by Limeco, the technicians from BERTHOLD were able to put the BLS logistics control system into operation within 2 weeks.

Well prepared by the upstream factory acceptance, the Limeco employees started the extensive on-site training parallel to the commissioning:

It was possible to test, learn and consolidate all processes in a practice-oriented manner on their own system – under the guidance of BERTHOLD technicians.

System “armed”

Further tests and smaller adaptations rounded off the commissioning phase and the BLS logistics control system went into operation on July 1, 2020: From this point in time, the BLS that had just been installed was the leading system and from now on handled all processes in real operation.

After a week of operational support by the responsible BERTHOLD project manager, Limeco took over the logistics control system in the trial operation, which serves on the one hand as proof of the truth for an extremely practical system, but also to identify the last possible optimization possibilities.

At the end of September 2020 – after a successful trial run – the final meeting took place in an unusually small framework and at a distance. Another fully functional BLS logistics control system was officially handed over.

Maintenance contract for system support

The technicians from BERTHOLD will continue to support the Limeco employees with advice and action as part of system support:

A corresponding maintenance contract for support and software maintenance was agreed between Limeco and BERTHOLD.

BERTHOLD is pleased about the successful completion of the project and thanks all employees involved in all companies involved for their great commitment and the excellent, open cooperation!

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