We are mainly using the products made by TagMaster for vehicle identification on trucks and carriages, but are also internationally used for access and person’s control systems.

Not only the fault-free operation under rough environmental conditions also the passage speeds of up to 200km/h and the insensitivity to interferences speak for the use of microwave technology to identify vehicles in particular in the construction material industry, waste management as well as in the chemical and food industry.
Microwave tags contain large amounts of data and are working at distances of up to 14m.

The preferred products in the field of microwaves are:


  • LR3 pro Reader Gen4 Item No 154400
    a 2.45 GHz RFID scanner with a read area of up to 5m
  • LR 6 pro Reader Gen4 Item No 154600
    a 2.45 GHz RFID scanner with a read area of up to 10m
  • LR6XL pro Reader Gen4 Item No 154600
    a 2.45 GHz RFID scanner with a read area of up to 14m

ID-Tags Indoor

  • Mark Tag Classic Read-Only Item No 125500
  • Script Tag Classic Read-Write Item No 125100
  • Mark Tag MeM Read-Only Item No 124000
  • Mark Tag MeM duo Read-Only Item No 124200
  • Mark Tag MeX Read-Only Item No 128010
ID-Tags Outdoor
  • Mark Tag Outdoor Read-Only Item No 135500
  • Script Tag Outdoor Read-Write Item No 135100

An advantage of this method is also the safe, remote assembly as well as the completely automatic identification without the need that the driver needs to keep a transponder or a code for a scanner.
The ID-Tags Outdoor can be firmly attached to the vehicle (riveted) – in this way it is virtually impossible to mix up or to forget the identification medium.

From the earliest years, we are linked to TagMaster by a successful partnership, which is certainly supported by a similar mission statement:

We both bet on highest quality, a close cooperation with our customers and a partnership and fair relationship.
A partnership which matches.
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