Duna-Dráva Cement is represented on the Hungarian cement market through plants in Vác and Beremend and is now successfully using this terminal as a distribution centre for rail, silo and HGV shipping.

Before the takeover, Duna-Dráva was faced with the decision of either implementing a new standard shipping system for the plant or redesigning the existing VAS-II shipping logistics system to meet the requirements of the plant.

Flexibility wins

The decision-making process did not take long – and in the end, a reimplementation of the Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. VAS-II system was completed in as little as three days:

The shipping automation system VAS-II is designed to be easily and freely configured. Within the shortest possible time, it was possible to create completely new working situations without having to replace and hard- or software components.

Reimplementation within the shortest possible time

Together with Duna-Dráva Cement, the new requirements of the plant were defined and, following 4 weeks of project and preparation planning, it was possible to completely:

  • Implement and update the plant, as well as
  • Adjust the plant to the changed processes.

During the restructuring process, it was also possible to deal with customer orders on-the-fly and implement them immediately.

In short

Cement sales from the new terminal were able to commence within the shortest possible time. The high level of flexibility offered by the plant in Duna-Dráva was able to be maintained – a significant requirement for success in a fast-changing environment.

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