How do you efficiently handle hundreds of trucks every day and ensure the highest possible cost / benefit efficiency? And that with millions of order units per year and high flexibility?

This task shows the height of the bar in the food logistics. A specially developed truck call and registration system from Berthold is now available in the expanded St. Veit logistics centre for faultless handling of a subarea.

"The know-how in the field of automated transport logistics from Berthold made a major contribution to having gained a foothold in the food logistics industry," says Managing Director Joachim Berthold, MAS, about this development.

Individual development

It was already clear from the documents submitted by the planner and the requirements of the end customer described therein that a new individual programming could be the only way forward. In close cooperation with the committed employees of Security Access GmbH / Lanzenkirchen as general contractor, the technicians of Berthold were able to record the requirements in detail and to submit an appropriate offer.

It quickly became clear that Berthold was able to use their extensive experience in this project, and so within a short time a tailor-made, individual solution was created, which also had a high cost efficiency:

Orderly process starts with secure login and vehicle recognition

By indicating the license plate, drivers of arriving trucks register the delivery / pickup at the porter. Here, the data is recorded in the system and the appropriate papers are assigned.

For further instructions, the driver receives a pager with an RFID chip, which has been assigned to this business case including the license plate number. The truck driver can now approach the waiting area and wait in the driver’s cabin for instructions via pager.


Truck call as soon as everything is ready

As soon as the consignment of the goods to be picked up is completed in the warehouse or the goods receiving is ready and the loading ramp is free, the system user interface assigns the truck a warehouse with a gate number. The truck driver receives the instructions directly to the pager in the driver’s cab without any delay.

The entrance barriers of the storage area are now released for the corresponding truck. If the truck is recognized by the license plate recognition camera, the barrier opens automatically, and the driver can drive directly to his assigned ramp, where the goods are already prepared and there are no delays.

Booking out directly at the loading point

At the loading dock, the driver hands over the pager to the loading staff.
If there is no further loading for this truck after completion of the loading activities, the loading staff concludes the business case directly at the ramp: The pager of the truck driver is held to an RFID reader and the integrated chip in the system is booked out accordingly.

This gives the truck the clearance to leave the site via the exit, the barriers are released for the license plate and again automatically opened.


Manageable effort

This automation for clear process management was realized by Berthold quickly and with reasonable effort:

  • Engineering & Planning
  • Individual Software Development with the know-how of our logistics control system BLS
  • Pager with RFID chip
  • RFID Reader
  • antennas
  • Integration of existing / provided barrier systems as well as cameras for license plate recognition
  • Assembly and commissioning on site

Numerous variants possible

"Based on our own in-house development, numerous variants of registration systems can be implemented. The communication can be performed just as well via smartphone or simple SMS.
Entrances and exits can be adapted and individual business cases mapped in the system. An application by self-check-in by the driver would be possible at any time. We see a large market for our new development also for other logistics centres." says Joachim Berthold and invites you to take a closer look at the registration system of Berthold:"Just give us a call, we will gladly inform you about details."

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