Delivery of the S5 will be discontinued in 2015

The S5 is currently now only available as spare and repair parts. For most S5 systems, this life cycle will come to an end in 2015 and Siemens will discontinue production. (Source: Link)

From this date onwards, it will be difficult and costly to find suitable spare and repair parts in the case of defects.

Take action now

Any disruptions to the control system will have the unpleasant side effect for the customer that they occur unexpectedly and without warning, which can lead to high costs as a result of a shutdown. If new solutions are first looked for in the case of disruptions due to a lack of spare and repair parts, customers can expect to be faced with extreme financial and logistic difficulties.

Companies which currently operate the Simatic S5 system are therefore advised to begin considering the updated solution as soon as possible.

Your advantage

Preparing and implementing a suitable solution now – whether it is an upgrade to S7 or an alternative solution – offers a number of advantages:

  • the time requirements for reconstruction and lack of operation can be planned
  • the time scales for lack of operation due to reconstruction are generally shorter than in the case of a disruption
  • it is possible to implement the transition in stages
  • budgets can be planned
  • processes can be optimised and improved as part of a reconstruction process

At the same time, high levels of operational security as well as future changes and expansion of your production plant can be guaranteed and undertaken without any great difficulties.

The most important plants first

Only a few companies will have the possibility to cease production simultaneously in all of their plants for reconstruction.

This means that the plants with the highest risk potential must be upgraded first, whether this is due to the potential shutdown costs or to the process requirements.

If your company still uses S5, we would recommend that you contact us as soon as possible – we will offer you support in terms of analysis, planning and implementation in order to protect your company from the risk of high costs resulting from a shutdown.

Give us a call, send us an e-mail or arrange an appointment for a non-binding consultation: contact.

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