The ordinances contain numerous standardised reporting regulations. Until now, the reporting of waste data was regulated by the Waste Management Act and the Waste Reporting Ordinance. These defined that the “type, amount, origin and location” of the waste must be recorded.
The AVV and ABilVO regulate the recording and reporting guidelines in significantly more detail.

Not only does significantly more information now have to be reported than before, there are also many functions which must be implemented and reported. For example, up until now, there have been two movement types: arrivals and departures. Following the implementation and transfer to the new system, there will be 26 movement types which have been created based on different criteria.

VAS-II helps to stay in line with EDM guidelines

The primary goal of the EDM project was to fulfil reporting and recording requirements in the simplest and most comfortable manner possible for the user. With the help of numerous fully-automated processes and program logics, the user should be able to process both current and new recording requirements quickly and correctly without the need for additional work.

In order to implement this concept, it was necessary to make radical changes to the core area and modules of the VAS II logistic control and data reporting system. It was realised during the creation of target specification sheets that major areas of the current input templates must be revised or restructured. Numerous new input fields had to be implemented and processed and new system functions, such as automated internal product transport had to be created. In addition, a significant proportion of the master data had to be synchronised with the EDM portal (

Eventually, it was also possible to completely implement the EDM reporting feature into the system which comprises a single program module for preparation, evaluation and creation of the XML file. Corresponding specifications have also been published on the EDM Portal

In short, these new VAS-II system functions and new developments are the result of changes in the law, which are binding. Today, we already know that further new features will be required in 2010.
At the end of 2009, the VAS-II logistic control system with new EDM functionality was successfully implemented in a number of Fernwärme Wien/WKU plants: Spittelau, Flötzersteig, Simmering, Pfaffenau, including the biogas plant, as well as the “Werk zu Werk” head office in Spittelau.

At the beginning of 2010, the new version was also implemented in Austria’s largest incinerator plant at EVN in Dürnrohr.

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